Market failure: Flickr is shutting down its photo-licensing platform Marketplace

Flickr sent out an email today notifying users of its photo licensing platform Marketplace that it is officially shutting down. Citing subpar experiences, Flickr will pay out any due royalties, but the service is no more.

Best Websites for Free Stock Photography Right Now

Wouldn't it be wonderful to be able to freely download and use an image from the web without the looming fear of prosecution? Perhaps that's why we've put together a list of the best places to download free images online.

Flickr’s Uploadr tool for cloud photo storage becomes Pro-only feature

Flickr launched its desktop Uploadr tool for cloud photo storage last year. This week, in a move that may result in a few users switching to Google Photos, it's decided to shift the tool to its Pro plan, meaning you'll have to start paying…

iPhone, Canon, Nikon top Flickr’s most popular cameras of 2015

Flickr's annual Year in Review report reveals several trends among Flickr users and the photos and videos that were uploaded in 2015. The iPhone remains the most popular camera, while lime green is popular during summer.

Flickr app for iOS 9 adds 3D Touch, Spotlight search for faster navigation

Flickr's updated app for iOS 9 adds support for 3D Touch. With a press and hold on the screen, you can now pull up Quick Actions and easier photo scrolling. You can also now search your Flickr photos via Spotlight.
Cool Tech

Flickr will soon let you take gorgeous virtual tours of panoramic photos

Flickr will be improving its experience by adding support for virtual reality devices that'll let you view panorama photos in a radical 360-degree view.

Welcome back, Flickr Pro: Premium plan returns with improved analytics, no ads

Flickr is reintroducing its Pro subscription plan. For $50 a year, users get access to new and improved analytics, ad-free browsing, and discounts for Adobe's Creative Cloud Photography plan and Flickr merchandise.

How to share photos on Android (and our favorite apps to use)

We take our smartphones with us everywhere now, and they’re perfect for capturing those precious spontaneous shots. In this guide, we delve into the best ways to back up and share those photos with family and friends.

Flickr research finds filtered photos increase viewership and engagement

A new study by Yahoo Labs shows that photographs that have been filtered seem to do better with people in both viewership and engagement. However, users have different motivations for why they use filters.

Canon and Apple top the Flickr charts for 2014

New statistics for 2014 show the most popular cameras and smartphones in use on the photo-sharing site Flickr — and once again Apple is one of the names dominating the overall list.

Flickr’s simple ‘Park or Bird’ tool is actually a demo of complex image recognition

Flickr's new "Park or Bird" analyzes a photo to tell you if it was photographed in a national park, and if it contains a bird. It seems useless, but it demonstrates the work Flickr's computer vision team is putting into image search.