Foursquare’s Marsbot knows where you want to eat before even you do

Foursquare has made its entrance into the bot game, launching a stand-alone chatbot called Marsbot. Marsbot is aimed at being able to tell where you'll want to eat or drink before even you know.
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What did we eat most? Foursquare shares 2015’s most popular check-ins and trends

Foursquare, the app that lets you "check in," recently revealed what we ate, drank, and saw the most of in 2015. Data also includes notes on how the year started, as well as trend predictions for 2016.

Swarm introduces a digital currency for your check-in pleasure

Need a little retail therapy? Consider a shopping spree on Foursquare's Swarm app. The coins you earn for checking in on the app can now be used to -- wait for it -- sticker upgrades. Score.

Next time you check-in with Swarm, you could actually save a kitten

Foursquare spin-off app Swarm really wants you to get back in the habit of checking-in places, because if you do so during the next two weeks, the company says your action could help save a kitten.

Swarm finally brings back Mayorships, gives us a reason to check-in at Starbucks

Here's some good news: One of the original, and most fondly remembered social gaming features is back. Swarm, has reintroduced Foursquare's Mayorship titles, but with a few cool alterations to make them even more fun.

Button seamlessly connects apps so you can stop switching screens

New York City-based Button is revolutionizing the in-app experience by allowing users to stay within a single app to complete multiple functions, like making a dinner reservation and calling a car, in a process called "deep-linking."

Now you can call an Uber in Foursquare to take you to that new burger joint

Thanks to Button, you can now order an Uber directly from the Foursquare app to take you to your restaurant or venue of choice. The Deep-linking startup company Button plans to link more apps soon.

Hands on: Foursquare’s rebuilt app wants you to stop bragging and start exploring

Foursquare 8.0 is a refreshing redesign that puts the focus on exploring great places instead of just checking in at hot spots. The new app customizes local searches in a colorful way.

Google wants you out and about in Glass, adds new travel apps to make it happen

With the release of Foursquare, TripIt, and OpenTable apps for Glass, Google is encouraging owners to wear their smart specs when traveling or just out exploring the neighborhood.
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Skedadel lets you discover cool places through Instagram images

A new app using Instagram images and a unique algorithm wants to help you find the best places in the world.
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Everything you need to know about a little app called FBStalker

If you thought you were protecting your Facebook as much as possible, think again. A new app called FBStalker uses your friends list and Graph Search to find the most unfindable data.

Hands on: Foursquare’s Windows 8 app ditches gamification for local discovery

The launch of Foursquare's Windows 8 app may not be that exciting to current Foursquare users, but it's a win for Microsoft as more social media companies begin to start developing for the operating system.