Foxconn is looking to build a new plant in China to make Apple prototypes

Foxconn is reportedly looking into building a new plant in Shenzhen, China. What for? Apparently, it will be built specifically for creating prototypes for Apple hardware products.

Apple iPhone slowdown means poorer sales for key supplier Foxconn Technology

Now, we see that Apple's negative financial performance runs downhill as well, with one of its most important suppliers, Foxconn Technology Group, also suffering a drop in sales in 2016 compared to 2015.

Thousands of jobs lost as Apple supplier Foxconn fully automates its factories

Apple supplier Foxconn is moving away from human labor and toward full automation -- and it's doing so in three phases. The move is controversial, as the company has already eliminated thousands of jobs.

Foxconn employee charged with stealing nearly 6,000 iPhones worth $1.5 milllion

No matter how much time you've wasted at the water cooler this year, you'll look like Employee of the Year when compared to a Foxconn worker, who made away with a stunning $1.56 million worth of iPhones.

Report: Wireless charging could be standard on Apple’s next iPhone

Foxconn is reportedly developing a wireless charging module that could be implemented in all stock iPhones next year. With a rumored curved screen, too, the iPhone 8 may end up being a very different kind of phone.

iPhone builder Foxconn just replaced 60,000 employees with robots

Apple supplier Foxconn has terminated 60,000 employees at it's factory in Kunshan, China, in favor of robot workers, according to a recent report. The report also says that other factories in the area are likely to follow suit.

Microsoft is getting out of the low-end phone business once and for all

Microsoft is selling the last vestiges of Nokia and its low-end feature phone business to a subsidiary of Foxconn. It expects the deal to close later this year, pending approval by regulators.

iPhone builder Foxconn shells out big to buy Sharp

Foxconn has reached a deal with Sharp to acquire the Japanese firm for $3.5 billion, lower than the earlier announced figures, after an extended period of due diligence. Signatures will be exchanged in early April.

A fire broke out at Foxconn’s main iPhone plant, but there’s no cause for concern

A fire broke out at Foxconn's main iPhone assembly plant in Zhengzhou, but no casualties were reported and production wasn't affected. It's the fourth such fire in the past seven years.

Foxconn outguns the competition, reportedly doubles other bids for display maker Sharp

Foxconn has made a $5.3 billion bid for failing display manufacturer Sharp, and has also offered to pay off all the company's debts to Japanese creditors. It follows several bailouts from Japanese banks and a continued operating loss.

Apple scales back production of iPhone 6S and 6S Plus, expects lower sales in 2016

Apple has informed suppliers to scale back production of components for the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus, after lower than expected sales numbers. Suppliers might be forced to lower expectations until the iPhone 7 release, coming later this year.

iPhones may come to India as Foxconn prepares to build plants for Apple products in Maharashtra

Indian labourers may soon get to find out what it's like working for Foxconn producing Apple hardware, as the Indian government has granted permission for the construction of several new, high-tech electronics manufacturing facilities.