Apple’s sapphire saga continues: Rumors point to Foxconn’s involvement

Apple isn't done with its quest to make iPhones with sapphire screens. The company's longtime supplier Foxconn has reportedly shown interest in the idea of producing sapphire screens for Apple.

Foxconn workers went on strike, but for a different reason than the one you’re thinking

Roughly 1,000 Foxconn workers went on strike last week demanding an increase in overtime hours. The decrease was due to a reduced order by HP, with negotiations between workers and corporate lasting several hours.

Foxconn struggling with iPhone 6 demand, production lines operating 24/7

High demand for the new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, as well as display shortages for the larger model, has left manufacturer Foxconn struggling to fulfill orders. The company's production lines are reportedly operating 24/7, with 200,000 workers…

Foxconn robots: iPhone 6 to be built by ‘Foxbots’

While Foxconn is thought to have hired around 100,000 extra workers to help with the assembly of the next iPhone, company boss Terry Gou says it's also planning to introduce 10,000 'Foxbots' to help automate the process.

iPhone 6: Foxconn embarks on ‘largest single hiring spree’ for assembly lines

As Apple apparently looks to a fall launch of its next iPhone handset, manufacturer Foxconn is reportedly embarking on its "largest single hiring spree" to deal with the expected extra demand.

USB gets a Lightning cable makeover: First glimpse of reversible USB 3 cables

Called USB Type C, the new connectors will feature an entirely new design with a smaller size, and most important, users will no longer need to be concerned with plug orientation -- no more fumbling behind that PC, in other words.

BlackBerry, Foxconn partner to make Z3 smartphone, available first in Indonesia

BlackBerry would love to get back to its former glory and it's hoping its announcement of the Z3 smartphone at Mobile World Congress 2014 will help. The device will be made by Foxconn and available in Indonesia in April.

BlackBerry Z3 ‘Jakarta’ touchscreen phone leaked, could arrive during MWC 2014

A new all-touchscreen BlackBerry phone has been leaked. Known as the BlackBerry Z3, or Jakarta, the mid-range device could launch during MWC 2014, and be one of the first produced for BlackBerry by Foxconn.
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Google and Foxconn team up for robotics development, report says

Though you may not have seen it coming, the idea that Google and Foxconn are reportedly in talks about helping each other out with the development of robotics-related technologies obviously makes a certain amount of sense.

First Foxconn-developed BlackBerry phones to be revealed during Mobile World Congress

Foxconn's chairman Terry Gou has indicated his firm will be showing the first smartphones it has produced for BlackBerry, during this year's Mobile World Congress show in February.

BlackBerry partners with Foxconn, will release jointly developed phone in early 2014

BlackBerry has announced it's to partner with electronics manufacturer Foxconn, and the pair will launch a BlackBerry 10 smartphone in early 2014, but its release will be initially limited to Indonesia.

Foxconn hoping for exciting wearable-tech opportunities with new startup fund

With a multimillion-dollar investment lined up to nurture new talent in the wearable-tech space, Foxconn is hoping to build some successful products of its own rather than rely solely on the likes of Apple, Sony, and Amazon for its future…