Firefox OS tablets may already be in the works

At a private event at the Chinese Computex conference on Monday, Mozilla unveiled its first Firefox OS tablet. Foxconn recently became the 19th member of the Firefox OS development team, and is likely developing the new device for Mozilla.

Apple turns to Pegatron for low-cost iPhone production, supply chain shifting away from Foxconn

A report Wednesday suggests Apple is making moves to diversify its supply chain, with Taiwan-based Pegatron set to produce the rumored low-cost iPhone. The move will come as a blow to Foxconn, which has up to now been Apple's main…

Firefox OS tablet in the works? Mozilla and Foxconn set to unveil new device June 3

Firefox OS creatorr Mozilla and manufacturing titan Foxconn have reportedly joined forces, with a Firefox OS device – rumored to be a tablet – set to be unveiled at a special event in Taiwan next week.

Rumor: Sharp will start display production for ‘next’ iPhone in June

The specifics of the fabled iPhone 5S have yet to be determined, but a Japan-based report says the production of the display is set to start next month. Sharp is said to be taking the helm on this one and production is set to start in June…

Budget iPhone rumors re-emerge, looks like it may not come to U.S.

Rumors coming out of Apple's Taiwan supply chain point to a new, "cost-efficient" iPhone that could be unveiled soon. The device would be implemented quarter-by-quarter in emerging markets.
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Is Microsoft trying to snuff out Android with its ‘tax,’ or just milking it?

Guess what? Microsoft collects fees on the majority of Android devices sold worldwide. Is this "Microsoft tax" hurting Android...or just your wallet?

Microsoft bullies Foxconn into paying it for every Android and Chrome product it makes

Microsoft has brought Foxconn on-board for their Android and Chrome patent licenses. The two were involved in a lawsuit back in 2011 over unlicensed software on the Nook tablet.
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Google Glass to be built in Silicon Valley, report says

Google Glass will be assembled at a Foxconn facility in Santa Clara, a report claimed Wednesday. The plant would be just down the street from the Web giant's Mountain View headquarters, allowing engineers to more easily make any last-minute…

Thanks, Apple! Foxconn posts record quarterly profit following healthy iDevice sales

Healthy sales of the iPhone 5 and iPad devices have helped Foxconn to a record-breaking quarter. Apple's products are estimated to account for more than half of Foxconn's revenue.

Apple may be making a less expensive version of the iPhone

Apple is making news even though it's not at CES 2013. The Cupertino company grabbed the spotlight by announcing its intentions to make a cheaper iPhone. It will likely be available later this year, though a date and price is still unknown.

Apple set to move Mac mini production back to US, according to report

Apple is set to move its Mac mini production lines back to the US from Asia in 2013, a new report claims. Foxconn will apparently be responsible for managing the operation.
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Source: Apple Television decidedly not ‘imminent’

While many have prophesied that Apple would shake up the industry with its TV, a shady Foxconn source says it will be quite a while before the revolution is televised.