Weekly Mobile Wrap: Election hangover edition

The U.S. Presidential Election is finally over. If you've been stuck in a politics-induced hangover all week, we have a collection of stories you may have missed from the mobile world in the Weekly Mobile Wrap. Apple keeps court with…

Foxconn may open US plants

Foxconn may be moving to America, if rumors that the controversial manufacturer is eying potential locations in Detroit or LA turn out to be true.

Foxconn chairman admits it is ‘falling short’ of iPhone 5 demand

iPhone 5 manufacturer Foxconn admitted Wednesday that assembling the lighter, thinner device is "not easy" and as a result the company is having a serious problem keeping up with demand.

The rumor that Foxconn will produce its own smartphones may not be all that far-fetched

Best known for manufacturing other company's hardware, Foxconn is rumored to be building a range of its own-brand smartphones. Inspired by the success of HTC and Huawei, the rumor may not be as wild as it initially sounds.

Investigation finds children as young as 14 working at Foxconn

An internal investigation at Foxconn, prompted by the media, has confirmed at least 50 children under 16 have been found working in one of its factories.

Apple bans artistic game based on Foxconn suicides from App Store

After being live for less than an hour, Apple has removed a "controversial" iPhone game from the App Store that explores the ethical complications surrounding the mass production of electronics.

How Apple’s Foxconn problem is like Nike’s sweatshop problem, and why the outcome is the same

Reminiscent of 1990s Nike, Apple now faces intense criticism for the working conditions of its manufacturing partners. Will customers force a change?

Foxconn denies iPhone 5 plant in China went on strike

Conflicting with previous reports that Foxconn workers halted iPhone 5 production this week, the company refuted the strike claims today.

Foxconn factory at center of riot reopens, supply not affected

The Foxconn factory at the center of a large riot on Sunday night reopened on Tuesday, a company spokesperson said, adding that there has been no impact on supply.

Riot breaks out at Foxconn plant, 40 injured [video]

A riot involving thousands of workers and police has caused the temporary shutdown of a Foxconn plan in northern China.

Apple supplier Foxconn improving working conditions, says FLA report

The Fair Labor Association has reported that Apple supplier Foxconn is making good progress with improving the working conditions of its employees, though added that some of the biggest challenges lie ahead.
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Foxconn CEO claims iPhone 5 will “shame” Samsung Galaxy S III

With the launch of the iPhone 5 likely just a few months away, the head honcho at Foxconn spent some time this week praising the new Apple smartphone and putting down rivals.