Judge sides with FTC, finds Amazon liable for in-app charges made by kids

A federal court has sided with the Federal Trade Commission against Amazon. Customers complained about bill charges for in-app purchases made by children, and that Amazon didn't require any parental consent for those purchases.

FTC is continuing its probe into Google’s dominant Android OS

Weeks before its developer conference, things are not going well for Google. The FTC is continuing its probe into Google's dominant Android OS, after claims the search giant is stifling competition.

FTC warns 12 Android developers for baking software listening for TV ads into apps

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has issued warnings to 12 Android developers for including software that listens for signals in certain television commercials in their apps without letting users know about it.

AT&T dodges data-throttling class-action lawsuit

A judge dismissed a class-action lawsuit against AT&T over charges of data throttling. However, the carrier will still have to face legal action from the likes of the FCC and FTC.
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Don’t make promises you can’t keep when it comes to brain games, or the FTC will come for you

Promising to make someone smarter is a bold move, and now, the FTC is taking a closer look at "brain games" and their purported benefits. "Cognitive training products and claims are of significant interest to the FTC," it said.

Sprint fined nearly $3M for failing to notify low-credit customers about extra costs

The Federal Trade Commission has fined Sprint $3 million for failing to disclose tacked on extras for low-credit customers, forcing them to pay $7.99 extra per month. The money should go toward reimbursing these customers.

FTC is investigating complaints about Google’s ‘home-screen advantage’ on Android

The Federal Trade Commission has its gaze set on Google yet again, but this time it’s not about the technology giant’s search engine – it’s about Android and how Google promotes its own apps and services to the disadvantage of…

FTC and Machinima reach settlement: it’s actually about ethics in game journalism

The U.S. Federal Trade Commission has reached a settlement with YouTube network Machinima over allegations that the company contracted popular YouTubers to create paid advertisements under the guise of unbiased, independently produced video…

U.S. government can now sue companies that fail to protect customer data

Companies that fail to protect customer data from hackers and other sources could soon face the wrath of the FTC, after the federal commission successfully sued the Wyndham hotel chain over its failure to provide safeguards for customer…

RoboKiller app takes top prize in $25,000 anti-robocall contest

Fed up with robocalls? Then with a bit of luck you'll soon be able to make use of RoboKiller, an app that takes care of robocalls using audio-fingerprinting technology that helps to identify the computer-generated calls before killing them…

AT&T calls FCC’s fine over its throttling “implausible,” says it shouldn’t have to pay

AT&T says that it shouldn't have to pay the FCC's fine for throttling unlimited customers. It argues the commission lacks the authority to impose it, and that the record-breaking fine is arbitrary and capricious.

The FTC frowns down upon Apple’s 30 percent cut of Spotify revenue

The FTC has launched a formal investigation into whether Apple's 30 percent App Store tax is unduly harming third-party music streaming services. The company is facing increased scrutiny in light of its own music service's launch.