The Senate will investigate whether the White House let Google off the hook

Google was the subject of an FTC antitrust investigation in 2011, but it soon reached a settlement. Now, details of the numerous meetings Google held with the White House and the company's huge lobbyist presence have been revealed.


DirecTV is in hot water after the FTC charges it with deceptive advertising

DirecTV was charged with deceptive advertising by the FTC after the agency alleged the television provider did not properly disclose additional information pertaining to some of its deals.

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FTC cracks down on ‘deceptive’ skin cancer apps

The FTC is on the lookout for mobile apps that make false claims about being able to help users diagnose certain health conditions. Two apps supposedly designed to detect skin cancer have recently been targeted by the commission.


TracFone busted on data throttling charges, must pay $40 million fine

The FTC arrived at a $40 million settlement with TracFone Wireless, which was accused of making false unlimited data claims for customers. That money will go to customers who were either throttled or had their data service cut off.


The FTC warns how companies could use your data collected from smart devices

As devices become more connected, it leaves us more vulnerable to hacks and privacy concerns. The FTC issues a report stating it won't regulate the Internet of Things yet but companies need to better protect consumers.


Apple flexes its muscles in D.C. with redoubled lobbying

Apple's lobbying presence in Washington D.C. has increased dramatically in recent years, as the company branches out into health with the Apple Watch and mobile payments with Apple Pay.


Another one bites the dust: T-Mobile pays $90M fine over cramming charges

T-Mobile paid a $90 million fine for cramming charges to the FTC in late December. The Uncarrier is the latest wireless provider to reimburse customers for unauthorized charges at the behest of the FTC.


FTC calls out Sony on false advertising for Vita, demands payback for early adopters

Sony has been ordered by the Federal Trade Commission to compensate early adopters of the PS Vita because of advertising that was deemed misleading about the system's capabilities.


Is your health data safe on the Apple Watch? The FTC investigates

The FTC questioned Apple on the security of users' health data on the Apple Watch and HealthKit app. Apple assured the agency that its privacy policies are strong and no data will be shared with third parties.


The FTC is suing AT&T for throttling customers with unlimited data

The FTC has accused AT&T of unfairly and deceptively throttling unlimited data customers.


FTC files lawsuit against Amazon about in-app purchases made by children

The FTC filed a lawsuit against Amazon, with the agency alleging that the e-commerce giant did wrong when it comes to in-app purchases. Read on to learn more about the lawsuit.


Amazon rejects FTC demands over in-app purchases, willing to take matter to court

Having dealt with Apple earlier this year on the matter of in-app purchases, the FTC is now demanding Amazon make changes to its practices regarding such purchases. However, the e-commerce giant insists everything's fine as it is.

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FTC singles out T-Mobile over fraudulent charges, John Legere bites back

The FTC is singling out T-Mobile for premium SMS charges on customer's accounts, accusing the carrier of fraud. CEO John Legere, however, won't have it and is biting back against the regulators.


Surprise! Your incriminating selfies on Snapchat weren’t deleted after all

The popular messaging app, which promised users photos and videos that disappear forever, was forced to settle with the Federal Trade Commission over allegations of misleading consumers and misusing customer data.

FTC approves Facebook’s acquisition of Oculus VR

The Federal Trade Commission has approved Facebook's purchase of virtual reality company Oculus VR, Inc.