The FTC is suing AT&T for throttling customers with unlimited data

The FTC has accused AT&T of unfairly and deceptively throttling unlimited data customers.


FTC files lawsuit against Amazon about in-app purchases made by children

The FTC filed a lawsuit against Amazon, with the agency alleging that the e-commerce giant did wrong when it comes to in-app purchases. Read on to learn more about the lawsuit.


Amazon rejects FTC demands over in-app purchases, willing to take matter to court

Having dealt with Apple earlier this year on the matter of in-app purchases, the FTC is now demanding Amazon make changes to its practices regarding such purchases. However, the e-commerce giant insists everything's fine as it is.

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FTC singles out T-Mobile over fraudulent charges, John Legere bites back

The FTC is singling out T-Mobile for premium SMS charges on customer's accounts, accusing the carrier of fraud. CEO John Legere, however, won't have it and is biting back against the regulators.


Surprise! Your incriminating selfies on Snapchat weren’t deleted after all

The popular messaging app, which promised users photos and videos that disappear forever, was forced to settle with the Federal Trade Commission over allegations of misleading consumers and misusing customer data.

FTC approves Facebook’s acquisition of Oculus VR

The Federal Trade Commission has approved Facebook's purchase of virtual reality company Oculus VR, Inc.


A flashlight app stole 50-100 million people’s location data, gets a slap on the wrist

The developer of Android app Brightest Flashlight, GoldenShores Technologies, got reprimanded by the Federal Trade Commission. Unfortunately, based on the final terms, the punishment doesn't amount to much.


The FTC is still as worried about Facebook’s privacy issues as we are

The FTC cleared Facebook's purchase of WhatsApp, but only under one condition: that users' privacy and information be respected and properly protected. Read on to learn more.


FTC clears Google’s $3.2B acquisition of Nest

In a move that wasn't expected to happen until the end of the month, the FTC and the Department of Justice's Antitrust division have given Mountian View the green light on its recent acquisition of Nest


Microsoft and EA’s payment to YouTubers may be unethical, but not illegal

Microsoft, Machinma, and Electronic Arts have been accused of paying YouTubers to promote their products, and then having them sign non-disclosure agreements. While this may be unethical, it likely isn’t illegal.


Apple will pay $32+ million to parents with app-crazy kids

Apple has agreed to pay back millions to parents of children who went on app-store spending sprees, racking up hundreds and thousands in purchases.


Apple fined $670,000 in Taiwan for interfering with iPhone pricing

It's not the kind of Christmas present Tim Cook will have wanted, but he's been given it nonetheless – Apple on Wednesday was hit with a $670,000 fine by Taiwan's Fair Trade Commission for interfering with iPhone pricing.


Facebook presses pause on privacy updates as complaints intensify

Facebook will have to wait to roll out its new privacy updates after advocates call foul and want to further investigate the changes.

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FTC tells search engines to improve ad labeling practices

The FTC on Tuesday issued new guidelines to search engine companies insisting they take steps to distinguish more clearly between search results and ads. The commission said it believed that in recent years the lines have become blurred.


Privacy organization files FTC complaint against Snapchat

Snapchat's problems with its glaring loopholes are mounting, and this time its fate may end up in the hands of the FTC after EPIC's complaint.

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