Apple's troubles in Japan continue as antitrust watchdog may spring into action

Japan's Fair Trade Commission looks to make some noise by taking action against Apple and three of the country's top carriers on antitrust grounds. All four companies have denied any wrongdoing.

Tesla just moved one step closer to SolarCity acquisition

The FTC has approved the Tesla SolarCity Acquisition. There are more steps to go in the process, but the FTC has ruled out antitrust concerns. The SEC still has to review the transaction and shareholders still have to vote.

Amazon Japan accused of using its power for evil, has its offices raided

The Japan Fair Trade Commission conducted an on-site inspection of Amazon Japan's offices, with the agency accusing Amazon's Japanese arm of unfair business practices. It is unknown what course of action the FTC will take next.
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Federal Trade Commission cracking down on nondisclosed celebrity ads

It's fine with the Federal Trade Commission if celebrities are paid to endorse products, as long as it's absolutely clear they're being compensated. Putting #ad at the end of a Tweet won't cut it, nor will a mere mention in a Youtube…

Consumer groups tell FTC that Mercedes E300 Drive-Pilot TV ad is misleading, ad withdrawn

Concerned that a Mercedes TV ad for the 2017 E300 with Drive Pilot gives drivers a false impression, Consumer Reports and other groups alerted the FTC. Their letter asserts that the E300 does not meet the NHTSA definition of self-driving…

Qualcomm faces a potential $900 million fine in South Korea over unfair market practices

U.S. processor manufacturer Qualcomm may face up to a $900 million fine in South Korea, with the country's Fair Trade Commission (FTC) accusing it of abusing its power as market leader. The case is expected to close by year's end.

Airbnb and other short term rental websites face possible FTC scrutiny

Concerned about housing shortages and rising housing costs, as well as concerns about possible racial discrimination, three US Senators have requested the FTC look into short-term rental websites.

Keeping pace with the web trackers

From cookies to fingerprinting, the tracking of people online for ads is becoming more and more sophisticated. Still, privacy advocates are hopeful the right tools can stem the flow of your data, and help you take back control.

Warner Bros, PewDiePie slapped with FTC order over undisclosed promotions

The U.S. Federal Trade Commission has ordered publisher Warner Bros. Home Entertainment to clearly disclose its influencer partnerships in light of alleged violations of FTC guidelines.

The South Korean government will investigate 'some matters' involving Apple

South Korea's Fair Trade Commission launched an investigation into Apple, though the agency's chairman declined to reveal any specifics. Rumors, however, suggest that the country is not happy with Apple's business practices.

The FTC may once again go after Google for abusing search dominance

It looks like Google may be facing legal trouble stateside once again. A recent report suggests that the FTC may be looking to reopen an antitrust case into Google search, after having closed a similar case back in 2013.

FTC and FCC shine a light on mobile security updates

The FTC and the FCC want to improve mobile security, and have issued orders to eight companies for information on their mobile update procedures. The companies include Apple, Google, and Microsoft, and the FCC is looking into carriers as…