Student designs drone that gives new meaning to the phrase ‘photo bomb’

A student at the Rochester Institute of Technology modified a drone with an instant camera photographs unsuspecting subjects and then drops instant prints on them.

Fujifilm's new teleconverter doubles your focal length without quality loss

Fujifilm has a new 2x teleconverter that increases the focal length of select lenses. The Fujinon Teleconverter XF2X TC WR will please sports, wildlife, and any photographer who could use the extra zoom.

Fujifilm’s Instax analog camera is outselling its digital devices by nearly 4 times

Sales of standalone digital cameras may be faltering, but Fujifilm is enjoying some solid success with its Instax analog shooters, an instant-camera format that gives you a print in hand within seconds of taking the shot.

Fujifilm’s new rugged compact gets larger LCD, improved lock

Fujifilm's FinePix XP90 rugged compact camera doesn't have any major updates from last year's model, but the 16-megapixel shooter has a larger display and a new lock to help better seal the camera.

Fujifilm unveils small 35mm prime lens that delivers big results

Fujifilm has a new 35mm f/2 weather-resistant lens that's highly compact, yet it can produce images that are close to what the human eye sees. In addition, there's a new weather-resistant teleconverter.

Fujifilm’s new infrared camera isn’t for photographers, but cops, doctors, scientists

Fujifilm's new X-T1 IR mirrorless camera is designed not for photographers, but professionals in law enforcement, medical research, fine art restoration, and surveillance. The camera is able to "see" light invisible to human eye.

Fujifilm puts its latest camera tech inside the compact, lightweight X-T10

Fujifilm's X-T10 mirrorless camera puts the company's best features inside a compact, lightweight body. In addition, the company has an X-T1 firmware update that improves performance, and new 90mm lens.

Motorola ordered to cough up $10 million to Fujifilm for patent infringement

Motorola was ordered by a jury in San Francisco to pay Fujifilm $10 million in damages related to patent infringement. According to Motorola, the company is looking for a way to dispute the damages.

New tape drive with 220TB capacity smashes storage records

If you think your RAID back-ups have impressive capacity, think again! IBM and Fujifilm have managed to create a tape cartridge that can hold as much as 220TB of data at once. That's a lot of animated .gifs!

Fujifilm X-series cameras get fast, premium 16mm lens option

Fujifilm's new 16mm wide-angle prime lens is ideal for landscape, travel, and street photographers who shoot low-light, macro, and bokeh images. The lens is designed to be weather- and dust-resistant.