Ready for an emotional Siri? Computer voices are learning how to sound scared or excited

In case of emergencies, the technology will deliver messages in an alarming tone, which in turn will give you a clue that you should freak out.


Fujitsu shows off Haswell-powered Lifebook UH90 with 3200 x 1800 IGZO touchscreen

Fujitsu announced its Lifebook UH90 at Computex, the big brother to the Lifebook UH75. The new Ultrabook features an Ultra HD 3200 x 1800 IGZO display, Haswell processor, large 500GB HDD, and a rugged exterior design.


Fujitsu makes paper interactive with touchscreen interface

Fujitsu Laboratories has come up with a way to bring touch and gesture controls to real-world objects like paper through its touchscreen interface using just a low-res webcam and projector.


Fujitsu’s invisible tablet keyboard makes an appearance at MWC 2013

Fujitsu has come up with a way to use your tablet or smartphone's front camera to track what you type on any flat surface, and no fancy setup is needed to make this technology work.


Fujitsu walking cane can lead people to the right location using GPS

Definitely an interesting way to stay on the right path when taking a walk, Fujitsu has created a walking cane that utilizes a variety of modern technology for GPS tracking and health monitoring.

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Hands on: Fujitsu ‘Stylistic S01’ is the best smartphone for the tech challenged

The Fujitsu Stylistic S01 could easily be dismissed as a phone for old people, but while this is in part accurate - it's aimed at the older generation - it so well designed and full of interesting tech, it's one of the standout smartphones on display at Mobile…


Fujitsu targets the older generation with the Stylistic S01, its first major smartphone release outside Japan

Fujitsu has finally made good on its promise to start releasing smartphones outside of Japan, although not in the way we expected. It has announced the Stylistic S01, an Android phone aimed at the older generation.


Big smartphone trends for 2012: How your phone is evolving

Our guide to the biggest upcoming trends in smartphones for 2012 including waterproof phones, quad-core processors, and a possible Chinese invasion.

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Our favorite smartphones at CES 2012

From Samsung's huge Galaxy Note to Huawei's world's-thinnest phone, we recap our favorite smartphones at CES 2012, many of which should be hitting shelves soon.

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Fujitsu targets North American smartphone market, uses Tegra 3 Android phone as bait

Fujitsu confirmed its looking to enter the North American smartphone and tablet market, and could use a prototype Android phone running the NVIDIA Tegra 3 processor to do so.


Hands-on with Intel’s line of Atom-based tablets, including the MeeGo WeTab

Intel showed off 10 different devices in New York this week. We went hands-on to check out its obscure lineup of Atom-based tablets.

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Windows Phone Mango to debut on Nokia, Acer, Fujitsu and ZTE handsets

Microsoft announced today that the "Mango" version of its Windows Phone 7 mobile OS will run on the first Microsoft-based Nokia handsets, out this fall.


Fujitsu Lifebook X2 notebook concept folds into four parts

Yanko Design has posted renders for a touchscreen Fujitsu notebook concept that folds into four parts.