Skylake CPUs and DDR4 support come to new Lifebook laptops from Fujitsu

Fujitsu introduced 16 products on Thursday, four of which are new Lifebook notebooks packed with Intel "Skylake" processors and DDR4 memory. The company also revealed a new tablet, workstations, thin clients, and desktops for business.
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Fujitsu made a wearable for cows, and it could boost breeding efficiency in a huge way

Fujitsu made a cattle fitness tracker to improve breeding efficiency. The pedometer can tell when cows are in heat, helping farmers to increase successful artificial insemination rates and even make data-informed decisions about the sex of…

Toshiba, Fujitsu and Vaio could form PC supergroup

Vaio, Toshiba and Fujitsu could well be set to bundle their resources together to create a much more competitive personal computing division, if rumors are to be believed.

Fujitsu is creating two new companies for PC and mobile

Beginning on the first of February, Fujitsu's PC and mobile divisions will be spun off as Fujitsu Client Computing Limited and Fujitsu Connected Technologies, respectively, both owned by Fujitsu Limited.

Can’t afford a Surface Pro? What about Fujitsu’s alternative? 1:40

The success of Microsoft's newest Surface Pro has spurred many imitators, and Fujitsu is the latest to join the party. Its upcoming competitor offers up to twelve hours of battery life.

Fujitsu develops tech that turns biometric data into a cryptographic key

Researchers at Fujitsu, Kyushu University and Saitama University have developed a new means to turn biometric data into a secure cryptographic key that will make the data secure during transfer over a network.

Scan your eyes, and buy some fries: Fujitsu shows off mobile payments with an iris scanner

Fujitsu, in partnership with Japanese carrier DoMoCo, unveiled a smartphone that lets you make payments by scanning your iris. But that's just the beginning -- biometrics is a burgeoning industry.

Amazing iris scanner lets you unlock your phone and pay bills with your eyes

Delta ID's new ActiveIris Technology scans your iris to verify your identity. Once it's incorporated into phones, it will be able to unlock your device, make payments, log into websites, and more.

Ready for an emotional Siri? Computer voices are learning how to sound scared or excited

In case of emergencies, the technology will deliver messages in an alarming tone, which in turn will give you a clue that you should freak out.

Fujitsu shows off Haswell-powered Lifebook UH90 with 3200 x 1800 IGZO touchscreen

Fujitsu announced its Lifebook UH90 at Computex, the big brother to the Lifebook UH75. The new Ultrabook features an Ultra HD 3200 x 1800 IGZO display, Haswell processor, large 500GB HDD, and a rugged exterior design.

Fujitsu makes paper interactive with touchscreen interface

Fujitsu Laboratories has come up with a way to bring touch and gesture controls to real-world objects like paper through its touchscreen interface using just a low-res webcam and projector.

Fujitsu’s invisible tablet keyboard makes an appearance at MWC 2013

Fujitsu has come up with a way to use your tablet or smartphone's front camera to track what you type on any flat surface, and no fancy setup is needed to make this technology work.