Future Technology

GM’s EN-V pod car up close: A reimagined car for reimagined cities

GM imagined a future where tiny two-wheeled pods whisk you from place-to-place autonomously on electricity, and built the fully functional EN-V concept vehicle to prove it works. Now what?
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Swarmbot invasion: How small robots will solve major problems

What could you do with a thousand Roombas hit with a shrink ray? A lot. Here’s how microscopic robots programmed to work together will collect information, fight disease and even build things in the not-distant future.
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Put a chip in it: A glimpse at the age of smart everything

From active suspensions to simplified home automation and computer-augmented humans, Freescale’s Technology Forum highlighted how shrinking processors could radically shift the near-term future.
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Martin Aircraft’s commercial jetpack looks to take flight

The Martin jetpack, a commercially developed jetpack, may soon be heading to a sky near you.
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Futuristic sci-fi gadgets, available today

From engines powered by garbage to a ray gun that zaps fat, these futuristic gadgets from movies, TV and novels were once purely the realm of science fiction, but now you can get the real thing.

Car Audio 2.0: Listen to Pandora, MP3s and iPods in Your Car

Throw out that tape deck and step into the 21st century with car stereos that support MP3 playback, Bluetooth connectivity, and even streaming Pandora from an iPod or iPhone.
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Electricity in the Air: On the Brink of Wireless Power

An upcoming generation of wireless charging solutions could eliminate charging woes and wires forever.

Ten Uses for National Broadband

A national broadband plan to rope together the U.S. with blazing fast Internet speeds could change the way we work, play, and live.

Marvell Shows Us the Connected Home of the Future

With 10-gigabit Ethernet connections now bordering on reality, Rob Enderle looks at a few of the amazing doors opened by bandwidth 100 times greater than what most of us have today.

What’s the Next Big Thing in Entertainment after 3D?

After there’s a 3D television in every living room, where do we go from there? Rob Enderle gazes deep into the future of digital entertainment.

Will Digital Magazines Die or Deliver on Apple’s iPad?

The iPad’s color and motion capabilities have created a groundswell of interest around the so-called “living magazine.” But is putting print in motion a flash forward, or a flash in the pan?
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Silicon Diamonds in the Rough: Unheralded Tech Advances for 2010

From deodorizing light bulbs to window shades that power your home, we recognize the most overlooked, disregarded and underrated tech innovations of 2010.