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V-MODA VAMP VERZA and Metallo transforms your Galaxy phone into a hi-fi system

V-MODA's VAMP VERZA is an all-in-one headphone amp, DAC, and battery pack that latches on to the new Metallo case to form a slick, one-piece system capable of cranking the volume on your digital tunes.

T-Mobile customers get ready! LTE devices could be coming in March

A roadmap of upcoming devices for T-Mobile has been leaked featuring LTE phones and hotspot devices slated for a late March launch. We're not sure of its validity, but it looks like T-Mobile will soon enter the great 4G LTE battle.
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Samsung unveils the Galaxy S2 Plus – are you confused yet?

Samsung has announced a new smartphone, the Galaxy S2 Plus. Prepare for confusion.
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Google Nexus 4 vs. Samsung Galaxy S3: In-depth comparison

If you're in the market for a new Android smartphone and you want something truly top of the line then the Samsung Galaxy S3 and the Google Nexus 4 are bound to be in your sights. The question is: which is better? We put the Galaxy S3 and…
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Rumor: Will Samsung unveil Android-based Galaxy S camera alongside Galaxy Note 2?

Rumor has it Samsung is planning to introduce a Galaxy S camera running Android 4.0 at IFA 2012.
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Samsung: 10 million Galaxy S3’s will be sold before the end of July

Samsung expect sales of the Galaxy S3 to top 10 million by the end of July, but its biggest challenger has yet to arrive.
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The Samsung Galaxy S3 goes on sale today, can it fend off Apple and the next iPhone?

The Samsung Galaxy S3 goes on sale in the UK, Europe and the Middle East today, with the USA and the rest of the world likely to follow within a month's time. But is Samsung's head start enough to fend off Apple and the next iPhone?
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The clock reaches zero on Samsung’s Galaxy teaser page and reveals… a cheap shot

The countdown on Samsung's Next Galaxy website has ended, revealing a teaser video that doesn't give away anything about the phone, but plenty about Samsung's intentions.
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Galaxy S III countdown clock set to hit zero Monday — but phone not launching till May 3. So what will be revealed?

Samsung's much aniticpated Galaxy S III handset is set to be unveiled in London on May 3. But a countdown clock the Korean company has posted on the web is set to hit zero hours on Monday morning. What's that all about then?
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Will the mysterious D1L project provide the makeover LG needs to challenge the Samsung Galaxy S III?

LG needs to reassert its position as a driving force in Android smartphone development, following a difficult 2011 and Samsung's rapid rise to the top. Could the mysterious D1L project be the smartphone to do so?
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Could the latest leaked Galaxy S III event invite be the real thing?

A leaked invitation to a special Samsung event to be held on 22 May in London, supposedly reveals the launch date of the Galaxy S III smartphone. But is it real?
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Samsung says it’ll tweet when the Galaxy S III is ready, but the world just can’t wait

Samsung squashes another Galaxy S III launch event rumor via Twitter, and tells us to keep following to hear any official news regarding the highly-anticipated phone's unveiling.