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Galaxy S4 features new S Translate feature, allowing instant local translation in nine languages

The Galaxy S 4 will be launching with new software called S Translate that allows you to convert speech or text between nine different languages.

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A history of Samsung’s Galaxy phones and tablets, from the S1 to the S4

Samsung’s Galaxy brand is inextricably linked with the rise of the Android platform. Join us for a stroll down memory lane as we look back at the amazing success it has enjoyed and chart the shining stars of the series.

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Apple vs. Samsung: Everything you need to know about tech’s biggest court battle

Apple's case that Samsung copied the iPhone and iPad has a long way to go, but both companies have managed to land some blows. Who's ahead so far?

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Samsung says no to Galaxy S/Galaxy Tab Ice Cream Sandwich upgrade

Samsung has decided not to pursue adapting Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich for the Galaxy S or Galaxy Tab, saying they're optimized for the previous version of the software, 2.3 Gingerbread.

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Samsung says TouchWiz keeps Galaxy S from Ice Cream Sandwich

Samsung says there's no android 4.0 ice cream sandwich coming to the Galaxy, blames TouchWiz.

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Apple vs. Samsung explained: An overview of the patent battleground

Samsung and Apple are trading legal potshots in courtrooms all over the globe. What's at the heart of the fight? Why do the companies have it in for each other?

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Report: Samsung counting the minutes until it sues Apple over the iPhone 5

After defending itself against various Apple lawsuits, a Samsung executive says the company may be switching tactics and suing over the iPhone 5.

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Apple sues to block Samsung phones and tablets in Japan

Apple wants to block sales of Samsung Galaxy Smartphones and the Galaxy Tab 7 in Japan, saying they violate Apple patents and copy its devices.

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The Galaxy S II will not be coming to Verizon

Verizon will not be releasing a Galaxy S II phone, but will be releasing a phone that could be very similar.

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Samsung Galaxy S II will come in white

The wait continues, but this Galaxy S II decked out in white will help tide you over until its US release.

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Samsung to launch Galaxy S II for US consumers next month

It's been a long wait for US consumers but Samsung says the new Galaxy S model will make its debut next month.

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Does the Samsung-Nokia takeover rumor make sense?

Forget Microsoft: Samsung is the latest speculated to be courting a Nokia acquisition. But is there any reality to this rumor?

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Samsung finally pushing Gingerbread to Galaxy S

The wait is...close to over. Samsung will finally begin rolling out the Gingerbread update to its Galaxy S phones.

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Galaxy S Gingerbread update ‘temporarily suspended’

Surprise, surprise: The Samsung Galaxy S is having OS upgrade issues, and the Gingerbread update will be delayed.


Two new Samsung Galaxy Player models coming to US

Samsung's Galaxy Player looks to be an impressive media player. Will it be able to take on the iPod Touch?