Lyft offers free rental cars for new drivers, but only if they make enough trips

Free rental car, anyone? If you're keen to drive for Lyft but don't have a suitable vehicle, the ride-hailing service is offering a number of cars for nothing. However, you'll have to make at least 65 pickups a week to skip the fees.

GM is creating a team to work on self-driving and electric cars

GM may have just pushed the date back on its autonomous driving feature, but that's not stopping them from dreaming bigger than ever. On Thursday, GM announced the creation of a team dedicated to developing self-driving and electric cars,

General Motors is delaying its semiautonomous driving technology

The entire car industry seems to be feeling the pressure of putting an autonomous car on the road, but GM is now pumping the brakes on its Super Cruise feature, which would've allowed drivers to go hands-free on the highway.

GM just joined forces with Lyft in a major way

To celebrate the new year, General Motors has just invested $500 million in Lyft, and between the two of them, they're going to create an "integrated network of on-demand autonomous vehicles in the U.S."

Software could take a big bite out of the car industry’s ass, GM says

Drivers want smart cars that are as easy to use as smartphones, but car companies like GM struggle to balance the desire for convenience with the overwhelming need for safety.

Not so fast: Android Auto and Apple’s CarPlay have a dashboard full of downsides

Despite the beauty of being able to access your calendar or the angriest of birds on the go, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto aren't all sunshine and roses. Here’s why.
Cool Tech

GM is powering its new data center with old Chevrolet Volt batteries

GM has found a purpose for old Chevrolet Volt electric car batteries. Paired with solar and wind energy, they are producing/storing enough power to juice up the company's new data center.

Insider’s view: Utility provider reveals GM and Ford considering electric pickups

A new report suggests that both General Motors and Ford are considering electric pickup trucks. Pacific Gas and Electric CEO Tony Earley says he’s spoken to both companies about it, however a significant government investment might be…

Scan license plates so you can text flirty messages to cute drivers with GM’s new app

GM's China R&D team has developed an Android app that lets a driver scan a license plate in order to start texting the owner of that car. DiDi Plate is a prototype app debuted earlier this month at the Telematics Detroit 2014 conference.

Hard times in the rear-view mirror, GM dominated Detroit with cars we want to buy

With a new, award-winning portfolio, General Motors set the tone for a very calm and enjoyable 2014 Detroit Auto Show. Having won both North American Car and Truck of the Year, GM can finally end the mad scramble to survive.

Is General Motors thinking of buying Tesla? Financial analyst says ‘yes’

Tesla has already beat the odds by not only surviving but beginning to thrive. This success might just have drawn the interest of the big automakers. Analysts are now predicting that GM might actually acquire Tesla sometime this year to…