Change the rules so we can test more self-driving cars, automakers tell feds

Auto manufacturers need to test self-driving cars in much greater numbers than currently allowed by NHTSA rules to advance the technology. GM, Toyota, Volvo, Lyft, and others will testify at a U.S. House panel.

Honda and GM make the push for hydrogen fuel cell cars together

Honda and GM have expanded their hydrogen fuel cell partnership to form a new company that will make the technology more affordable at scale. The entity will be called Fuel Cell System Manufacturing (FCSM).

GM pledges $250K to help Girls Who Code encourage young women to study STEM

GM has pledged $250,000 in support of education nonprofit Girls Who Code, which will be used to fund after-school clubs delivering STEM activities and mentorship to young women in underserved communities.

How the inside of your car goes from clay to leather and stainless steel

As children, many of us sketched ideas for outlandish cars on the back of our schoolbooks, but most of us tended to draw just the outside of the car. But just as much effort goes into a car’s interior, and maybe that’s more important in…

GM says a big piece of that car you just bought isn’t really yours

John Deere and GM have submitted requests to the United States Copyright Office that declare the companies as the owners of the software in consumer products, even the ones you already purchased from them.

The highly anticipated Chevy Bolt ought to be here before year’s end

The Bolt is coming. On Friday, General Motors announced redoubled efforts to produce its highly anticipated electric cars in a Detroit-area factory, and renewed promises to begin delivering vehicles by the end of 2016.

Uber drivers in San Francisco can rent cars from Maven in test program

GM's Maven car sharing service partnered with Uber. Uber drivers can now rent GM cars for $179 a week in San Francisco in a 90-day pilot test. Maven also has a similar program with Lyft drivers.

General Motors and Toyota are rolling into the car-sharing space

Major auto brands focus even more on car sharing as GM expands its Maven brand to Los Angeles and Toyota invests in U.S. car-sharing company GetAround. Carmakers are exploring market opportunities that threaten traditional car ownership…

GM bringing IMB's Watson onboard its vehicles to help drivers connect with brands

If you're not distracted enough already while driving, there's a new partnership between OnStar and IBM Watson that's sure to add to the sensory overload. Beginning early next year, Watson will be making its way into your vehicle.

Real-world emissions tests will result in larger engines

European car makers shrank engines to meet emissions standards, but testing didn't account for real-world engine loads. Engines will get bigger in order to meet normal performance expectations without the heavier engine loads that boost…

General Motors has been working on hydrogen fuel cell cars for 50 years

There are plenty of newcomers and new interest in electric vehicles and hydrogen fuel cells. For General Motors, the work has been ongoing for 50 years. During the past five decades, GM has spent $2.5 billion developing fuel cell…

Eyes on you: Cadillac eye-tracking tech will wake you up or pull you over

GM Super Cruise option offered first for 2017 Cadillac CT6 alerts you via OnStar if you don't watch the road. Hands on the wheel and eyes on the road or the system will pull over to the side of the road and stop if you don't respond to…