Google acquisition

Google strengthens Offers with acquisition of German DailyDeal

Google strengthens offers with a recent acquisition. Is DailyDeal Google's gateway into Europe?

Google acquires The Dealmap to aid in Groupon chase

Google adds The Dealmap to its mass in order to aid in the daily deal Groupon rivalry.
Movies & TV

Antitrust regulations be damned: Google wants Hulu

Early concerns about the FTC's possible disapproval of a Google-Hulu deal might not be so serious.

Rumor: Google launching ITA flight search feature in few weeks

Google didn't waste much time since it's April acquisition of ITA. Rumor has it that the company will soon be launching its flight search feature in a matter of weeks.

Groupon and Pandora to go public in the near future

Groupon could close a deal by this spring, and Pandora as early as the coming weeks.

Google could face legal action for ITA Software acquisition

Insiders say Google may need to prepare for a court case over its travel software deal.

Groupon files to raise up to $950 mln

A new round of funding could push Groupon beyond the $6 billion Google wanted to buy it for.

Groupon revenue was overestimated, more like $800 million; UPDATE: $2 billion is right

In the aftermath of the futile Google-Groupon negotiations, the company's real revenue has slipped out, making previous estimates look downright generous.

Groupon announces expansion and scoops up Ludic Labs

While the Google-Groupon deal is still up in the air, the daily deals titan has made a few acquisitions itself, and is introducing its a more fully-featured format.

Did Google buy Groupon for $2.5 billion over the weekend?

It looks like the rumors may be true, and that Google has acquired Groupon in a $2.5-billion-dollar deal.