Google ads

Google and Facebook crack down on scammers using ads on fake news sites

The problem of fake news has really come to the fore in recent months. With pressure growing on web services to take the issue more seriously, both Google and Facebook have promised to take action to stop fake news sites making money out of…

Is that a Google ad or a search result? Kids can’t tell

Kids these days, guys. Despite all their technical prowess, they're still as naive as we were at their age -- at least, when it comes to Google ads and Google search results.

How do I fix a flat?! Your impulsive mobile searches are mutating Google

New data from Google shows that we're searching on our phones more often, from crazier locations, and wanting results faster. Here's what people are looking up on YouTube and search, and the new ways Google plans to make money…

Microsoft reminds us there are Google ‘alternatives’ in new ad; [UPDATE: Google responds with some myth-busting]

Microsoft isn't mincing words: post-Google privacy policy updates, the company is trying to capitalize on user fallout.

Google tries to explain why its OK to tap your browser history to show you ads

Google offers a peak inside what's behind it's targeted ads.

Facebook moves to ban Google Ads from its apps

Facebook will soon require that app developers only use in-app advertising from approved vendors. Not on the list: Google.

Google helps mortgage scammers con needy homeowners, study finds

Public advocacy group Consumer Watchdog says Google ads are helping mortgage relief fraudsters trick desperate homeowners, and has contacted the FTC to help make them stop.

Google begins testing display ads in Gmail

You might start to see image content in your Gmail account, as Google starts branching out with its e-mail advertising with display ads.

Google defends its efforts to cut the spam out of search

In a somewhat defensive blog post, Googler Matt Cutts reiterated Google's morals where it relates to search and discussed the company's continued efforts to combat spam.