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Nexflix app finally compatible with Android 2.2 and 2.3 devices

Mobile users on the dominant versions of the Android software finally got access to the streaming version of Mad Men and a collection of aging movies. Netflix updated the mobile application this week to version 1.4.
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Eric Shmidt says Android’s Ice Cream Sandwich is coming in October or November

We finally hear from Google about when Ice Cream Sandwich will launch, Eric Schmidt said in an interview that it should be released in October or November.
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HTC sues Apple for patent infringement on patents from Google

HTC filed a new patent infringement lawsuit today against Apple using nine patents that were provided by Google to HTC on September 1.
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Confirmation of Amazon’s 7-inch Android tablet, set to be released in November for $250

Some more details are learned about Amazon's 7-inch tablet set to release in November for $250.
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Amazon could sell 3 to 5 million tablets, if it decides to sell one

If Amazon sells the tablet it is rumored to be producing at a very competitive price, analysts predict it could sell up to 3 to 5 million units.

Rumor: HTC’s September 1st Press event to only feature WP7 Devices

HTC's September 1 press even will focus solely on WP7 devices, several will be announced only limited information is know about the devices in question.

Study shows the iPhone 3GS is the 2nd most popular phone on the market

Even though it is over two years old the iPhone 3GS is the second most popular phone on the market, second only to the iPhone 4.
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Opinion: How the Google-Motorola deal will spawn a new OS

Where will Android refugees like Samsung, HTC and LG settle in the wake of Google’s Motorola buy? A new Mystery OS that hasn’t yet revealed itself.
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Buy a Samsung 3D TV at Bestbuy this weekend and get a free Galaxy Tab

Buy a select Samsung 3D TV at Best Buy this weekend and you get a free Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, the cheapest TV option will cost you $1499.99.
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Apple may have provided flawed evidence to European judge in Samsung Tab 10.1 case

It looks as though Apple might have provided some flawed photographic evidence in its case against Samsung and its Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet.
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Sibling rivalry: Will Google’s Motorola buy turn other Android makers green?

Google’s $12.5-billion purchase of Motorola Mobility has tipped the mobile industry on its head, and left many wondering what will happen to Google’s array of handset partners, like Samsung and HTC.
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Minecraft’s limited edition Xperia Play listed on eBay for charity

Mojang, maker of Minecraft, plans on giving away a few limited edition Minecraft Xperia play models at a game conference, and has decided to sell one on eBay for charity.