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Is Google still worth our love, or has it become another selfish corporation?

Google has built its entire business on gaining the trust of its users and arguing that it is a 'good' company, different from others. Its actions in the last year and a half are clashing up against its own philosophy. Is Google still 'good' or has it become…

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Google to put Buzz out of its misery

Yes, Google Buzz is still alive -- but Google announced today that the failed social network isn't long for this world.

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Google+ hands on: Five major flaws

We finally got a couple Google+ invites and have been scouring the new social network. Unfortunately, we've found a few problems with the service that could undermine its potential, if not tweaked or fixed.


Facebook alternative hopeful Altly inches closer to a launch

Altly begins the transition from stealth startup to social network, and it wants to show Facebook how privacy's done.

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Google CEO Larry Page cleans house, demands better social strategy

Determined to further Google's top spot in the tech industry, returning CEO Larry Page has begun to restructure the company, and add financial incentives to employees to create a winning social media strategy.

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Google settles with FTC over Buzz privacy violations

Google will be subject to regular privacy audits for 20 years due to "deceptive privacy practices" rolling out Google Buzz.


Google Profiles get a social makeover

The most recent step in the never-ending Google-social saga is a big upgrade to Google Profiles.

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Google personalizes local search with Hotpot

Google's second stab at a social network goes heavy on the practical and light on the personal. Places with Hotpot gives users a way to find local businesses they and their friends like.


Google settles Buzz lawsuit for $8.5 million, doesn’t quite own up to its mistakes

After privacy violations last year, Google has proposed an $8.5 million settlement for the issues stemming from its social media venture Buzz. But, the company does not admit wrongdoing, instead committing itself to helping people understand privacy tools…


Enraged Gmail Users Grab Pitchforks, Sue Google over Buzz

Not content to express their discontent in 140 characters on Twitter, angry Gmail users have piled onto a class action lawsuit led by a Harvard law student.

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Google Adjusts Buzz After Gmail Users Complain of Privacy Issues

The Google Buzz has been tweaked! After complaints poured in about privacy issues and concerns Google tries to make it right.


Hands On Review With Google Buzz

We take Google’s new Facebook-fighting social networking platform for a spin.


The Best Features of Google Buzz

Past all the Facebook and Twitter mimicry, what will Google Buzz do that’s truly different? We mine through the announcement to find the most exciting aspects of the new platform.


Google Gets Socially Awkward with Google Buzz

Google's latest announcement about its Google Buzz, Gmail's social networking feature, is what we expected but isn't what we hoped for from its press conference.