Google Chrome

The most unstable version of the Chrome browser is now available on Android

The most unstable version of Google's Android browser, Chrome Canary, has finally come to mobile devices. It's publicly available, for souls with the courage to brave its unpredictable waters.

Get multitasking: Chrome 54 for Android plays videos in the background

Background videos are all the rage these days, and now, they're available in the beta of Chrome 54 for Android. That means you'll now be able to continue to play online videos in the background even as you keep composing that…

Google: Chrome browser battery usage on Mac laptops down a third, speeds up 15 percent

Thanks to Google's hard work, Mac laptop users now see a third more battery life, and platform-wide Chrome is 15 percent faster than a year ago. The blocking of Flash later this year may improve that even further.

RIP Chrome apps: Google is killing them off for Windows and Mac

Looks like Chrome apps weren't as popular as Google may have liked them to be, which is why the company will be phasing them out over the next few years. By early 2018, Chrome apps won't be available on Windows or Mac.

Google is integrating Google Now with Chrome through the New Tab page

Google is integrating Google Now with Chrome in the form of a Google Now-powered New Tab page in the Android version of the web browser. The new feature can be found in the developer version of Chrome, but should come to the consumer…

Study finds we often ignore security warnings because we’re bad at multi-tasking

New research from Brigham Young University and Google has shown has software developers need to improve the timing of security update messages, as many go ignored when they appear alongside, or over, other content.

I tried Microsoft Edge for 2 weeks, and it was as bad as you think

Microsoft has touted its new Edge web browser, the default in Windows 10, as a modern take on the browsing experience. Yet few people seem willing to ditch Chrome or Firefox for it. We decided to make the leap, so you don’t have to.
Virtual Reality

Google Chrome's 'VR Shell' would let you view any website in virtual reality

Google's upcoming Daydream platform wants to keep you in virtual reality even in Chrome. The latest build of Chrome Dev for Android lists a feature called VR Shell, which would allow you to view any website in VR.

A bug in Chrome makes video stream piracy way too easy

Ripping legal streams of copyrighted content is nothing new, but rarely do you find browsers quite as happy for you to do it as Chrome seems to be. A new bug makes it a cinch to download just about any streamed video.

The 20 Best Google Chrome games

Not only is Google Chrome a fantastic web browser, it's also a versatile gaming platform that you can access from just about anywhere. Here are a few of our favorite titles for the platform, whether you want to play a classic franchise or…

How to manage Chrome OS notifications

Notifications from both extensions and websites are available on Chromebooks, but managing them takes a bit of digging. Here's how you can customize your notifications in Chrome OS.

Battle of the browsers: Edge vs. Chrome vs. Firefox vs. Safari vs. Opera vs. IE vs. Vivaldi 4:21

We pit the newest versions of Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera, Firefox, Edge, and Vivaldi against one another to try and name the best browser. Check out our comprehensive breakdown for all the details.