Google Chrome

Battle of the browsers: Edge vs. Chrome vs. Firefox vs. Opera vs. Vivaldi 4:21

Choosing a web browser can be tough. Here, we pit the latest versions of Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera, Firefox, Edge, and Vivaldi against one another to try and name the best browser for most users.

Google makes Chrome for iOS open source

Google's opened the development floodgates for Chrome on mobile platforms. It has made the mobile browser completely open source, and hosted the code on its Google Source development page.

Facebook is helping Chrome and Firefox to speed up the web

Over the past two years, Facebook’s cooperation with browser vendors Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox has dramatically improved web page reload speeds, according to the company.

Google researcher finds major security flaw in Cisco's WebEx Chrome extension

A researcher from Google's Project Zero team has uncovered a potentially ruinous vulnerability in the Chrome extension designed to work with Cisco's WebEx communication and collaboration service.

Google Keep for Chrome adds doodle functionality

The Android version of the Google Keep note-taking app has featured drawing and sketching tools for some time, but now this functionality has been introduced to its Chrome web app iteration.

Pop-ups in Chrome driving you mad? Here’s how to block them

Pop up ads and other forms of advertisements can be annoying. No one would disagree. Well, if you use Google Chrome, here's how to put the clamps on the amount of ads you have to deal with.

How to set Google as your homepage

Simply tired of the same old homepage, or looking to change it to the world's most popular search engine? If you would rather set Google's flagship service as your default, here's how to do so in the browser of your choice.

Google’s Chrome browser is on 2 billion devices, a staggering number

Google announced a pretty significant milestone for Chrome -- the browser has achieved a massive 2 billion active installs. Chrome is one of several Google services with over 1 billion users, including Android and Gmail.

Google's anti-malware Safe Browsing feature ups penalties for repeat offenders

Google is changing the way it doles out punishment via its anti-malware Safe Browsing feature for Chrome, Google Search, and Android. Now, repeat offenders will be unable to appeal for up to a month.

The most unstable version of the Chrome browser is now available on Android

The most unstable version of Google's Android browser, Chrome Canary, has finally come to mobile devices. It's publicly available, for souls with the courage to brave its unpredictable waters.

Get multitasking: Chrome 54 for Android plays videos in the background

Background videos are all the rage these days, and now, they're available in the beta of Chrome 54 for Android. That means you'll now be able to continue to play online videos in the background even as you keep composing that…

Google: Chrome browser battery usage on Mac laptops down a third, speeds up 15 percent

Thanks to Google's hard work, Mac laptop users now see a third more battery life, and platform-wide Chrome is 15 percent faster than a year ago. The blocking of Flash later this year may improve that even further.