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Mozilla works with Google’s Brandon Jones to standardize VR content across the Web

With the intent of getting an implementation out in Firefox Nightly during the first half of this year, Mozilla has collaborated with Google's Brandon Jones on a proposal of WebVR version 1.0.

Material Design is coming to Chrome, here’s how to try it out

Google is bringing Material Design, its signature look for Android and mobile apps, to the desktop version of Chrome. Here's how you can get a preview.

How to enable and disable notifications in the Chrome browser

Notifications can be handy, but they can also be annoying at times. Here's how to manage notifications in Chrome, or ban them entirely, so they never bother you again.

25 extensions to super-charge your Chrome browser

There are thousands of extensions and apps on the Chrome Web Store, but not all of them are worthy of your attention. Here are 25 of the best extensions to add to your browser for productivity and functionality.
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Google Chrome about to run much faster, gobble less data | DT Daily 2:17

Apple is making iOS better for musicians, Microsoft is giving away $1 Billion ... in cloud services, and Google Chrome is about to get a whole lot faster.

No extension needed: Chromecast support is coming to the Chrome browser

Right now if you want to send a video to your television with your Chromecast, you need the Google Cast extension, but not for much longer. The company is building Chromecast support directly into the browser.

Google's finally got something to offer iPhone users

Avid users of Apple's products don't always get love from Google, but the search giant has now launched a Chrome beta program for iOS that supports 3D touch.

Google announces end of Chrome support for Microsoft Windows XP, Vista

Windows XP and Vista users who love Chrome are in for some bad news: Google will stop offering Chrome updates in April 2016. It recommends an OS upgrade if you plan to keep using the browser.

I didn’t press play! How to prevent videos from autoplaying in your browser

We know autoplaying videos are annoying, so here are the best methods for stopping them in Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, and Edge.

Bing promotes Microsoft Edge when you search for Chrome or Firefox

If you make a desktop OS, a search engine and a Web browser, are you within your rights to use the first two to promote the last one? Try running a BIng search yourself to see what happens.

Google’s update 45 for Chrome is all about speed and memory

Google has rolled out the latest update for its Web browser. Chrome 45 brings with it better RAM management and performance improvements, something both fans and critics have been waiting for.
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Dartmouth uses robot tackling dummies – and they’re FAST: DT Daily 1:48

Google declares war on Adobe's Flash player, Dartmouth rolls out some surprisingly swift robotic tackling dummies during football practice.