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Enthusiast blog unearths China’s bizarre ‘street offset’ system

When does mapping turn into snooping? As it turns out, Google has had to find a solution that allows for accurate street mapping within the limits of Chinese legislation.

New satellite images shed light on the 7.8 magnitude Nepal earthquake

Scientists are now analyzing radar images to better understand the impact site of the Nepal earthquake. A downloadable KMZ file also now allows the public to view the Nepal earthquake region via Google Earth.

Google Earth is fun on its own, but here’s how to make it even better

Love the idea of flying around Google Earth, but aren't sure where to start? Our handy how-to will help you learn all the ins and outs of the virtual globe, and even teach you a few tricks you haven't heard of before.

Google Earth Pro is now free for anyone to use

If you've always wanted to take advantage of the enhanced features in Google Earth Pro but never had a spare $400, now's your chance — Google is making the software upgrade free for everyone.

Google applies new 3D imagery to NYC, San Francisco maps

Using new cameras and algorithms, Google has rebuilt 3D images of buildings and landmarks in New York City and San Francisco, making them look more realistic. The enhanced rendering effects are coming to other cities in 2015.
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Google Earth tips off cops to illegal marijuana crop in Oregon

Surveillance is dope: Law enforcement agents in southern Oregon were tipped off to a local man's illegal marijuana crop after using Google Earth satellite images to spot his neatly-planted ganja gardens.

Google blows away the clouds in Earth and Maps, brings Street View to Earth for mobile

Google on Wednesday rolled out a new interface for Earth for mobile, and added Street View too. Meanwhile, Earth and Maps imagery has been spruced up and cleared of clouds to offer even clearer views of the planet.

Leap Motion controller brings Google Earth to your fingertips

To coincide with Earth Day, Google is adding Leap Motion support to Google Earth 7.1, which means you'll soon be able to explorer the planet with your fingers – that is, if you can get your hands on a device when they become available on…

What the heck is an ‘Islamic Google Earth’?

Google Earth is just a front for Western intelligence agencies to gather information about foreign powers - which is why Iran is planning to build its own alternative, according to one Iranian official. Not that theirs will spy or anything…

Google Earth’s Tour Guide feature beefed up with 100,000 new tours

If you're more sofa-loafer than get-up-and-go when it comes to traveling, you might be interested to know that Google Earth now has an extra 100,000+ tours for you to enjoy.

Audi announces Nvidia Tegra-powered infotainment system at CES

Audi's new MIB infotainment system will use a Tegra computing module to make it easier to update.