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Trends with Benefits: Augmented reality and terraforming the moon

is Google relaunching a dud with Google Glass 2.0? The marketing appears to be towards "professionals," but will the new design be enough to overcome the bad publicity version 1.0 received? Microsoft's Hololens certainly has more appeal…

Google Glass wants you to feel magical by taking photos using finger frames

Google recently filed and was awarded a patent for finger framing, which will literally allow you to take pictures of what you frame with your thumb and index fingers of each hand.

Is Google planning a Glass relaunch in the near future?

A job role being advertised for Google suggests that version 2.0 of Glass isn't far away — the position requires experience of consumer product launches as well as quality and reliability testing.

Google is developing an OS for the Internet of Things

Google is developing an OS for the Internet of Things codenamed "Brillo." This should be announced next week at Google I/O. This marks an important step in Google entering the IOT market after purchasing Nest and other companies.

Where’s our wearable revolution? The state of tech’s biggest unfulfilled promise

In the last installment of Wear Next, we step back to look at how far wearables have come, promises left unfulfilled, and what’s ahead for this promising technology.
DT Daily

DT Daily: Google Glass isn’t dead after all 2:20

Reports in January of the end of Google’s Glass Explorer program apparently didn’t signal the demise of Glass. Executive chairman Eric Schmidt told the Wall street journal that Glass is alive and well. Nest CEO Tony…

Google Glass isn’t dead, says Eric Schmidt, it’s just getting started

Google executive Eric Schmidt says that Google Glass isn't dead. The smartglasses are still in development and in need of improvements, Schmidt insisted, while also discounting rumors that Glass failed.

Did Google shoot too high with its Glass ‘moonshot,’ or not high enough?

Did the Glass Voyager program stumble because the product was too forward thinking, or not forward thinking enough?

These smartglasses could be worn by NASA astronauts on their way to Mars

NASA is investigating the possibility of issuing astronauts on missions to Mars and to meteors with smartglasses, and it has whittled the competing devices down to one, final option.

Squabbling engineers and an illicit affair helped shatter Google Glass, report says

An article published by the New York Times has charted the short, but exciting, life of Google Glass, from its inception inside Google's X labs, to its recent demise.

Google Glass may disappear for a good long while, hints Google

According to a Google executive, the recently cancelled Google Glass Explorer program lacked impact, and was withdrawn so the team could take a break and rethink strategies.

The importance of privacy, style, and other lessons learned from Google Glass

There’s good news for everyone in the lukewarm reception to Google’s very public Glass experiment. The company is clearly taking all of the lessons learned from one of the most public betas in recent memory back to the drawing board.