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Thanks Google, I just spent $1,500 on a project you abandoned

Thanks Google, I just spent $1500 on the Glass project you've shut down, without a word on whether it's about to become a useless tangle of metal on my face.

Google kills off Glass Explorer program, but promises more to come

Google will reportedly stop selling Glass through its Explorer program, but will continue to test it with developers and businesses. A new version of Glass is expected to debut this year in 2015.
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Smart glasses meet style in Osterhout Design Group’s attempt to outclass Google Glass

ODG's consumer-targeted smart glasses will be styled to look like a pair of Ray-Ban Wayfarer sunglasses, weigh 125 grams (about 0.28 pounds), support the Qualcomm Vuforia mobile vision platform, include positional sensors and run on an OS…

These ordinary-looking glasses just may be the future of smart eyewear

These may look like ordinary spectacles, but they're actually smart glasses. Called the Jins Meme, they use special electrodes and movement sensors to tell when you're sleepy, or having trouble concentrating.

Sony’s latest concept smart eyewear can be fitted to any glasses, will be demoed at CES

Sony has revealed its SmartEyeglass prototype, which it will show off as a concept device at CES 2015. Rather than a standalone model, SmartEyeglass clips to existing glasses, and Sony plans to put it in production during the next year.

Is Google Glass on the brink of going mainstream, or the brink of failure?

It’s been more than two years since Google unleashed its vision for a wearable future, and it’s clear to see that few of us are ready to join the Glass masses.

Heads up: This is what Google Glass 2 could look like

A patent filed by Google could have given us our first look at the design for Google Glass 2. The picture shows a more compact, stylish version of the original smart eyewear.

The next version of Google Glass may have an Intel chip inside

A new report says Google could have struck a deal with Intel to power a future version of Google Glass. Intel may promote the new specs, apparently due for release in 2015, to businesses.

We’re killing Google Glass by forgetting it’s just one big experiment

Google Glass may die out, but is it Google’s fault or our own inability to understand what an experiment is all about?
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Some developers are giving up on Google Glass, says report

Google Glass faces an uncertain future if the software companies Reuters has been speaking to are any indication — but Google says it remains committed to the device and other wearables.

Smart glasses doomed to stay a niche product, while smart wristwear takes off

Research shows smart glasses aren't about to catch on, and will remain a niche product until at least 2018, and even then will be overshadowed by smart wristwear such as watches and fitness bands.

Movie industry slaps ban on Glass (and similar wearables) at theaters

Just in case you were thinking of wearing Glass during showtime at your local movie theater (no, we know you weren't), you should be aware that the industry has just banned them.