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The latest Google Maps beta finally adds Lists to organize your favorite places

Google has added a new feature to Maps -- lists. The new feature means you can finally create lists of the places you visit, something that should help make things a little more organized, especially for heavy Maps users.

How Google's Street View saved this man from an unfair $230 speeding ticket

A Canadian man used images from Google's Street View to fight a speeding ticket in court. The judge dropped the ticket, but the police maintains that the driver was going nearly 20 kilometers an hour over the limit in a school zone.

Speed demons, be warned: Google Maps could soon alert you to posted limits

Code in the newest version of app points to upcoming new features like speed limit notifications and improved integration with food delivery apps. No word yet on when they'll launch, unfortunately, but it might not be long.

Google unveils a series of new updates to improve Google Street View

Google has unveiled a myriad of updates on its Developers Blog, all with the goal of making Street View, you know, less bad. These updates allow for a much more realistic sense of your surroundings when you explore a new destination.

Google Maps expands ridesharing options to Southeast Asia

The Google Maps app can now show users ridesharing options with Go-Jek and Grab in several cities throughout Southeast Asia. Of course, Uber is still at the top of the list of choices.

Google Maps lets you save offline areas to the SD card, adds Wi-Fi only mode

Google Maps now has a Wi-Fi only mode that shuts off data access for the app -- useful if you're trying to save your data. It's even more useful if you have downloaded areas for offline use, and you can now save them to your SD card.

Google Maps update helps visitors navigate Rio just in time for Olympics

Just a couple days after Google-owned Waze announced updates in anticipation of the Olympic Games, Google Maps has unveiled improvements of its own. And not a moment too soon -- the Summer Olympics kick off in Rio on Friday.
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Google Maps may soon point you in the direction of available parking

Google Maps may soon show you the best places to park. That's according to code in the beta version of the Google Maps app for Android, which shows additional features that have yet to be announced.

Google's latest app uses Maps to let you traverse the Himalayas as Verne the Yeti

Google has released a new educational app called Verne: The Himalayas. The experimental app lets you explore the mountain range as Verne, a fuzzy Yeti. The more points of interest you hit, the more you learn about the Himalayas.
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Uber drops $500 million to make its own maps 2:29

Uber is investing heavily in making its own maps so that it doesn't have to use Google Maps any longer, among other reasons.

Google's new and improved Maps does away with the clutter to make finding places easier

Google's rolling out an update to Maps that makes it easier to spot areas of interest and venues. Other new features include a Wi-Fi mode and public transit delay/cancellation notifications.

Google is crowdsourcing information to help make Maps more accurate

Google wants you! Why? To help edit all the information on Maps, of course. The company has announced a number of new features aimed at making maps more accurate. Features include a suggest an edit button and an add a missing place button.