google maps

Mapstr finally adds directions to its app

Mapstr is the bookmarking app that helps expand your mind by outsourcing your memory. And now, the app has gotten even better, as it has finally added directions (or really, a map) to its functionality.

Oops! Google Maps error leads to wrong house being demolished

Google Maps has been blamed by a Texas-based demolition firm for directing it to the wrong building for a recent job. But here's the worst part – it was only after the home had been torn down that the mistake was discovered.

Google Maps gets more ride-sharing options, though it depends where you are

Google Maps for iOS now includes the same ride-sharing tab that landed for Android users last week. It means riders in the UK, for example, can now quickly compare estimated fares for several services, including Uber, Gett, and Hailo.

Google Maps lets you change your home and work icons

The latest Google Maps update lets you change your home and work images into various different icons, from a dragon or a castle, to a windmill or a crane. The update should be available on Android now.

Street View offers sofa-based safari through South Africa’s Kruger National Park

Going on a safari sounds great but the cost of international travel to far corners of the globe can be prohibitive for many. So how about diving into Street View, which has just posted new panoramic imagery snapped inside South Africa's…

3D Touch and convenient live detour feature added to Google Maps on the iPhone

Google has updated the iOS version of Google Maps, adding the convenient detour feature launched on Android last year, along with support for 3D Touch shortcuts on the latest iPhone models.

Artist’s collection of bizarre Street View glitches might actually spook you out

A guy without a head taking a selfie. A man with an arm coming out of his face. A two-headed dog. These are just a few of the eerie images found on Street View by artist Kyle Williams, who noticed how image-stitching software sometimes…

Apple Maps vans working overtime to ‘improve Apple Maps’

Apple is planning improvements for its Maps app, and has been putting its fleet of data-collecting vans on the street at all hours. The company states that it will be driving vehicles around the world to collect data in order to improve the…

Apple Maps might finally get the one Google feature everyone has been waiting for

Apple Maps might be the most popular navigation app on iOS, but Google Maps has Street View. However, it's possible that Apple could be readying something similar based on hints from the company's website.

Google Maps for iOS just got even better

Apple users, your long wait is finally over. You too now have access to offline navigation courtesy of Google Maps, so if you didn't have a sense of direction before, don't expect it to be getting any better anytime soon.

Apple mapping out successful strategy for Apple Maps

In 2012, Apple Maps was the laughingstock of the tech world with frequent issues plaguing the system, but three years on most of the issues have been fixed, and users are returning to Apple's mapping solution.

No Wi-Fi? No problem for Google Maps, which just introduced offline search

Google just introduced offline navigation and search. "Now you can download an area of the world to your phone, and the next time you find there’s no connectivity ... Google Maps will continue to work seamlessly,"