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Needs directions: Apple Maps app is still a mess due to internal politics

Apple's Maps app is still less than perfect. Improvements to the app were widely anticipated at WWDC 2014, but Apple said nothing of Maps during the keynote. New reports hint that internal arguments may be to blame.

Google Maps’ new Elevation feature lets bikers decide how much to punish their thighs

While some cyclists enjoy nothing more than hammering their thighs into oblivion on a two-wheeled outing, others prefer to return home without jelly-like legs. A new 'Elevation' feature for Google Maps now lets bikers decide how much to…

Google Maps for iOS and Android adds Uber integration, lane guidance, and more

Today's mega update to Google Maps for iOS and Android brings with it Uber integration, lane guidance, and improved offline support, among several other features.

Google rewards April Fools Pokémon Masters

Google will send a physical prize to Pokémon Masters that managed to catch 'em all in the company's April Fools Google Maps prank.

Now Google Street View lets you rewind time to the good old days (of 2007)

Google has added time travel to Street View. Well, virtually, that is. You can now look at past images for a particular location, as far back as 2007. The feature is available in the desktop version of Google Maps.

Google cracks CAPTCHA with an algorithm that’s 99.8 percent accurate

Google has created an algorithm that can break through CAPTCHA with 99.8 percent accuracy. You can learn more here.
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Google Maps for Android gets new ‘events listing’ feature

Google recently rolled out a new feature for its Android Maps app that adds information on forthcoming events for venues around town, making it easier than ever to plan a night, or day, out.

Google Street View takes Colorado River rafting trip through Grand Canyon

The Colorado River has just landed on Street View, offering sofa-based rafters the chance to explore 286 miles of the iconic waterway, with plenty of stunning views of the Grand Canyon included along the way.
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Retrace Jack Kerouac’s steps from ‘On The Road’ with Google Maps

Author Gregor Weichbrodt combed through Kerouac's most famous novel and entered all the locations into Google Maps, resulting in a 55-page set of directions that you can easily follow yourself.

Google’s Maps Gallery maps out everything from minefields to congressional districts

Maps can be a great way to present and digest data. Apparently, Google agrees, and so they've put together something called Google Maps Gallery, a collection of maps that contain and present a wide variety of fascinating data sets.

Google Maps update coming to desktops ‘over the coming weeks’

A significant Google Maps update will grace the desktops of many a user very soon, and comes with a new set of features. Read on to learn more about the stuff coming in Google's Maps desktop refresh.