Google Offers

6 New York subway stations to receive free Wi-Fi this summer

Boingo and Google Offers have teamed up to provide New Yorkers free Wi-Fi in six MTA stations and 200 other hotzones.


Daily Deals sites are getting extra meta these days

Deals on deals on deals? You read it right. Daily deals aggregators are making online shopping cheaper than ever.


Is Google still worth our love, or has it become another selfish corporation?

Google has built its entire business on gaining the trust of its users and arguing that it is a 'good' company, different from others. Its actions in the last year and a half are clashing up against its own philosophy. Is Google still 'good' or has it become…

Android Army

Google Offers signs up partners, expanding and personalizing

Google Offers is making moves to further establish itself in the daily deals market with more US cities added to its service and new features to help personalize offers. Groupon may yet rue the day it rejected Google's multi-billion dollar offer for its…

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Groupon sues two former employees who left for Google Offers

Daily Deals site Groupon has sued two former employees who left the company for rival Google Offers. Groupon hopes to get a court order stopping the pair from disclosing private information about the company to Google.

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AOL building a social network around MapQuest

Will a location-centric social network revitalize MapQuest?

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How Google Wallet works

Google Wallet is a new way to turn your smartphone into a credit card. Here we break down exactly how the technology works, step by step.


Google strengthens Offers with acquisition of German DailyDeal

Google strengthens offers with a recent acquisition. Is DailyDeal Google's gateway into Europe?


Google Wallet unofficially launches, but NFC adoption still faces challenges; UPDATE: How to enable Google Wallet

A quiet debut by Google Wallets gets noticed, but how close are we actually to turning our phones into our wallets?

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A summer slump doesn’t mean Google Offers is down for the count

Don't write off Google's daily deals site yet, as a mobile edge could be its saving grace.


Class-action lawsuit filed against Groupon by former employees

Former Groupon employees file a class-action lawsuit against the daily deal site over improperly paid overtime wages.

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Google Offers launches in five more US cities

While Facebook recently abandoned its daily deal venture and Groupon put the brakes on plans for its IPO, Google steams forward with Google Offers by rolling out its daily deal service to five more US cities.


Groupon is winning the clone wars

To say the daily deals market is over-saturated is to put it lightly, but the one that started them all is managing to stay on top and take out competitors at the same time. Still, it's long-term success is no where near assured.


Facebook gets rid of Deals

Facebook ditches its Deals product following a major privacy overhaul and a similar scrapping of Places. Is the company trimming fat to focus or is daily deals losing its appeal?


Amazon targets Groupon with Amazon Local daily deals

Amazon Local will enter the highly lucrative daily deals market along with the rest of the Internet, most notably Groupon.