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Google adds ice breaker sound effects to Google Plus Hangouts

Google Hangout sports ice breakers like masks, mustaches, and hats, but this time the Google Plus team has added sound effects into the mix.

Google acquires Nik Software, and iOS photo app Snapseed

With Google scooping up Nik Software and its iOS app, Snapseed, Google Plus users might be seeing some dramatic changes to the way we publish images on the social network.

Google+ opens for business, to businesses

Google+ announces adding features for businesses, attempting to bring the social network to the enterprise
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Why Google won’t open up the G+ API: Because it knows we’ll leave

During a Google I/O session, Google say that it won't be introducing a full read-write API for Google+. Why? Because then automation wins.
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All the Google+ updates that got buried in the Google I/O hardware hype yesterday

Google had better things to talk about than Google+ yesterday, but a few key updates are in the works.
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Is a Google redesign in the works?

A leaked video shows off what might be a very spacious Google homepage makeover.
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Google+ gets more visual with a big UI update

After little tweaks here and there, Google+ gets a significant makeover for the profile page, Hangouts, photos, and more.
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Pinterest now third most popular social network in the US, beats Google+ [Updated]

A new report shows Pinterest has seen such a spike in traffic, that it has become the third most popular social network in the USA, beating Google+.
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Google will challenge Facebook Comments with third party commenting system

Google will strike at Facebook again by launching an outside commenting system that will leverage its Google+ social network. The question is, will we want to use it?

Google Earth 6.2 released, gives our planet a makeover

The third rock from the sun looks a little more beautiful today—that's if you're looking at it using Google Earth. The web giant rolled out a new version of its software on Thursday, featuring a more realistic look among other…
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Google introduces Google+ lite for teenagers

After keeping out everyone under 18, Google+ will relent and introduce a host of safety features for its new teenage users.
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Does the great Google unification create more problems than it solves?

Google wants to simplify its privacy policies, but the boost this gives its personalized ad campaign isn't going unnoticed.