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Engineers from Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace collaborate to challenge Google’s Search Plus Your World

The data wars continue to amp up, and now Google+'s competition is fighting back with a tool that surfaces actual social search results.
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Google’s all-or-nothing plan to make you a Google+ user

Signing up for a Google account now ropes you into a variety of its services, including Google+.
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Twitter acquires Summify – will it fix the site’s ‘noise’ problem?

Summify has been acquired by Twitter, and will hopefully bring some of its powers of curation to the site's crowded stream.

Google starts to integrate Google+ with search results

Google is taking another step in personalizing search results, pulling data from users Google+ profiles to further refine Web searching - while still promising privacy and control.
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Google+ traffic up 55 pct, reaches all-time high of 49M in December

Google+ saw its best traffic month ever in December, with more than 49 million unique US visits to the social network, a jump of 55 percent over the previous month.
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Google+ axes MG Siegler’s ‘offensive’ profile picture

According to the site's policy, Google can pull your picture based on its interpretation of "mature or offensive content."
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Could Google+ hit 400 mln users in 2012?

Google+ may still be a tiny social networking service compared to Facebook, but one watcher forecasts Google+ will reach 400 million users by the end of 2012.

Google talks social enterprise focus for 2012

Google's ready to kick off 2012 with a renewed interest in the social enterprise market, which means the Google+ upgrades will be fast and furious.
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Google debuts ‘big improvements’ to Google+

Google has begun to roll out a number of new features to Google+, including a Circle prioritization tool, multi-manager support for Google+ Pages, and a revamped Photo Lightbox with new tagging functionality.

Rebecca Black crowned top search term in Google Zeitgeist 2011

With countless numbers of search terms flowing through Google's search engine all the time, the company likes to compile the most popular search terms each year and publish the Google Zeitgeist.
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Rumor: Facebook is developing an official Facebook phone named Buffy

Facebook has been working for two years on a secret Facebook phone project named Buffy. Facebook is rumored to be teaming up with HTC to be build a device with a modified version of Android to create a fully integrated Facebook experience.
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Google+ traffic up, but still struggling

Google+ traffic is finally on the rise again, but the numbers are far below what it saw during its peak at the end of September.