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Diaspora co-founder Ilya Zhitomirskiy dies at 22

Diaspora co-founder Ilya Zhitomirskiy has passed away at the age of 22.
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Google invitations go out: Music store in our midst? [UPDATE: Google has not reached agreements with Sony and Warner]

Next week Google is primed to make what looks to be a music-related announcement. Fingers crossed, we'll finally have an MP3 store that syncs with Music Beta and Google+.
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Report: Facebook to change privacy settings to appease the FTC

Facebook is nearly an agreement with the FTC to change the default privacy settings on all Facebook accounts. The agreement will also open up Facebook to 20 years of privacy audits.
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Google finally launches Google+ Pages for businesses and brands

Now brands and organizations have a way to market themselves to the Google+ crowd.
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Google promotes Web journalists – as long as they have Google+ profiles

Is a new tool from Google helping writers promote their work or cornering them into using Google+?

Google rolls out Reader redesign, integrated Google Plus sharing

Google has revamped the look and feel of Google Reader, and swapped out its old sharing functionality for integration with Google Plus, but some of Reader's most avid fans are petitioning to revive the old version.
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New social network Unthink says ‘FU’ to Facebook and Google+

Dubbed the "anti-Facebook," newly launched social network Unthink aims to free users from the bonds of corporate money-making by giving them complete control over their personal data.

Gmail leaks its new redesign

Google has accidentally outed the coming renovations for Gmail, which look like they include the debut of Smart Ads.
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Google engineer who publicly bashed Google+: ‘Nothing bad happened’

Google engineer Steve Yegge has published a follow-up to his Google- and Amazon-bashing manifesto, which he accidentally published publicly on Google+. According to Yegge, everything worked out alright.
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Overdue: Google Reader to get design revamp, Google+ integration next week

One of the best RSS readers on the planet, Google Reader, will receive a long-awaited facelife and tight integration with Google+ next week.
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Google+ update: Pseudonyms and brand pages are on the way

Google+ offers a look at its roadmap, which will include the introduction of the alias and new marketing opportunities.
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Google+ traffic continues to drop, down as much as 70%

Google+ traffic continues to decline while Google still struggles to keep users coming back to the social network. Traffic has dipped as much as 70 percent since the public launch on September 20.