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Overdue: Google Reader to get design revamp, Google+ integration next week

One of the best RSS readers on the planet, Google Reader, will receive a long-awaited facelife and tight integration with Google+ next week.
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Google+ update: Pseudonyms and brand pages are on the way

Google+ offers a look at its roadmap, which will include the introduction of the alias and new marketing opportunities.
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Google+ traffic continues to drop, down as much as 70%

Google+ traffic continues to decline while Google still struggles to keep users coming back to the social network. Traffic has dipped as much as 70 percent since the public launch on September 20.
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Google to put Buzz out of its misery

Yes, Google Buzz is still alive -- but Google announced today that the failed social network isn't long for this world.
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Google Q3: $9.72 billion in revenue; Google+ has 40M users

Google earned nearly $10 billion during the third quarter of this year, a 33 percent year-on-year increase. Google+ has 40 million users, according to CEO Larry Page. And Android revenue is up, as well.
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Google engineer: Google+ is ‘a pathetic afterthought’

Google engineer Steve Yegge accidentally published a manifesto about the ways in which Google does things wrong internally, especially the way it has handled Google+, and why Facebook is such a success.

Zynga announces new games, and gaming platform “project Z”

During the Zynga Unleashed event Zynga announced "Project Z" which will be a way for Zynga gamers to play games independent of a social network. Zynga also announced a few new games including CastleVille for gamers who can't get enough for…
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Google+ traffic drops 60% after public launch

Google+ traffic dips 60 percent after huge usage surge after public launch on September 20. Traffic is back down to pre-launch numbers as the service seems unable to keep users coming back for more.

Will Google+ pass the Dungeons & Dragons test?

Ongoing gaming experiment explores the limitations - and potential - of Google's evolving social media system.

With Unreal Engine 3 support, Flash 11 may bring console-quality games to Facebook, beyond

Epic Games has announced that its Unreal Engine 3 is supported by Adobe Flash 11, which means that console-quality games could be coming to Facebook and any other devices that are Flash friendly.
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Google+ gets a traffic surge of 1269 percent

Google Plus has reached a new high, with traffic up 1,269% and a spot in the top ten social networking sites--though still behind Facebook and even MySpace.

Zynga brings Facebook’s Most popular game CityVille to Google+

Zynga brings Facebook's most popular game, CityVille, to Google+ and hope that you are willing to ask a whole new group of people to be your neighbor.