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Google buys PittPatt: What does it mean for Google products?

Google acquires a face recognition technology company, which will likely fill out its Google+ photo application. Will the software be implemented across a variety of Google platforms as well?

Google+…minus women, kids, and businesses

It's still early, but Google+ has managed to elude (or avoid, in one case) some of social media's most dedicated users.

Google+ ‘Games stream’ confirmed

Google+ will soon challenge Facebook further with a new Games section, evidence of which has appeared on a Google help page.
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Google+ hits 20 million users in less than a month

Google+ continues to go from strength to strength, with 20 million people visiting the site in less than a month - and all this despite it currently being an invite-only service.
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Google acquires Fridge for Google+, easier Circles on the way?

Google looks to refine the Circles feature in Google+ with its acquisition of Fridge.
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Hands-on with the Google+ app for iPhone

Our first hands-on with Google+ for the iPhone.

Google+ iPhone app hits number one in iTunes

It was a quick rise to the top of the iTunes charts for the Google+ iPhone app.

Google+ iPhone app now available on iTunes

Rejoice, iPhone users: The Google+ app you've all been waiting for is now available from the iTunes App Store.
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Google+ said to launch verified celebrity accounts

Like Twitter, Google+ will soon offer verified accounts for celebrities, according to a report from CNN.

Why Google+ kicked out William Shatner

Google+ showed Shatner the door and is demonstrating a sensitivity uncommon for social sites, just one example of how Google is scrutinizing what's let into the infant platform.
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How to search Google+

Why Google+ doesn't already have search is a little baffling, but there are a handful of ways to implement the feature without waiting on an official update.
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William Shatner’s Google+ account flagged

Google set phasers to stun and inexplicably froze William Shatner's Google+ profile on Sunday.