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Boxee Box is getting live TV integration with new update

The Boxee Box's upcoming live TV update is keeping it competitive with Google TV
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Google TV gets its first adult entertainment channel

Google is looking for ways to get more people interested in Google TV. A couple of weeks back it announced it was overhauling its user interface, which many people found cumbersome to use. Then on Monday, it widened the type of material…
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The state of streaming, cable, and television: What can we expect in 2012?

The future of television remains up in the air as content providers and cable companies prepare to fight it out, and streaming services wait in the wings.
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Google may offer its own paid cable-TV service

Google is considering plans to launch its own cable-TV service, reports the Wall Street Journal.
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Google finally updating Google TV with a new interface

Google announces an update to Google TV, it has redesigned the entire system and made it easier to search for content to watch. With all the major TV networks still blocking Google TV there might not be too much content to search through…

YouTube planning to launch scheduled video channels in 2012

While the folks at YouTube still love an endless supply of silly cat videos from loyal YouTube users, the streaming video company is branching out to premium content in 2012.
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Change the channel: 5 Netflix and Qwikster alternatives

Thinking of jumping ship on Netflix now that it has jacked up rates and spun off its DVD-by-mail service into Qwikster? Check out these alternatives to both Netflix's Instant Streaming and DVD-by-mail services.
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Video of Honeycomb running on Google TV

It looks like Google is not ready to give up on Google TV yet. Leaked builds of Android Honeycomb have hit the web. This video gives a peak at Honeycomb on the Logitech Revue.
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ViewSonic kills the Boxee-powered HDTV

Is a dramatic shift in the decreased amount of free Web-based video content making television manufacturers rethink the smart TV concept? Viewsonic is one of the first to scale back on implementing smart TV.
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Critics be damned: Google reaffirms commitment to Google TV, headed to Europe

Despite poor sales and a less than enthusiastic industry, chairman Eric Schmidt continues plans to push Google TV.
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Android devs can now code for Google TV

The Google TV Add-on for the Android SDK means Android devs can (finally) start coding for Google TV.