Google TV

YouTube Live debuts as its overhaul continues

YouTube has launched its live streaming site, and will continue to improve and upgrade its content.

Home Theater

Google overhauling YouTube with channels, pro content

Google is hard at work giving YouTube the Hollywood treatment and turning it into a premium-content competitor with organized channels and professionally produced video.


Moovida 3D media center makes Boxee, Google TV look old

Moovida, a rich 3D media center from Spanish underdog Fluendo, provides a stunning visual interface that rivals big competitors like Google TV, Boxee, and even Apple TV.


RIM and Microsoft making headway with app developers

Apple and Android still rule, but it looks like developers are broadening their scope with renewed interest in RIM and Microsoft platforms.

Android Army

Sony underwhelms with Google TV at CES

Google may have asked it to hold back, but Sony is proudly showing off its Internet TVs at CES this year. Our impressions inside.


LG challenges Google TV, Boxee with Smart TV

LG Smart TV will offer access to Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Video on Demand and even a built-in browser, rivaling existing set-top boxes running Boxee and Google TV.


Logitech suspends Revue shipments, waits for Google app store

Logitech is halting all Revue shipments until Google gets their act together with the Google TV OS and marketplace.

Cool Tech

Google tries to delay debut of TVs

With CES on the horizon, Google has unexpectedly begun asking major television manufacturers to halt plans to debut new Google TV systems in January.


Google TV rolls out its first updates

Despite a bumpy start, Google TV is forging ahead with some impressive software updates.

Android Army

The Freebox 6 is awesome and you can’t have it

A new European TV box embodies the phrase "all-in-one." And it's not available here.


Amazon working on subscription video package to compete with Netflix

The online shopping site might be bringing you another subscription streaming option, but can it really challenge established front runner Netflix?


Google gets tough on copyright infringement

Today, Google announced four new ways it plans on cutting into illegal piracy and copyright infringement.


Google Chrome browser nears 10 percent share

Surged by the launch of Chrome 7.0 and other factors, Chrome gained a full point and is getting dangerously close to a 10 percent market share.


Why Microsoft TV could crush Google TV

An Internet TV offering from Microsoft could outperform a flailing Google TV, with smart content partnerships and the leverage of the Xbox 360 hardware.


Google eyes Miramax films for YouTube, Google TV

Google is in talks to license the Miramax film catalog for use on YouTube and Google TV. Miramax holds the rights to Pulp Fiction, Good Will Hunting, and Chicago, among other films.