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How to record calls on your iPhone 1:50

Check out this quick tutorial to learn how to record calls on an iPhone and find a list of reliable applications you can use to tape your conversations

Get unlimited local, national calls with Google's Fiber Phone for $10 a month

Once the search giant's Fiber Phone service launches, you'll be able to get TV, Internet, and phone service from Google. Fiber Phone offers unlimited local and national calls for $10 a month.

How to block phone calls on your Android phone 2:35

Find out how to block unwanted calls on your Android smartphone as we run through some solutions to protect you from telemarketers and persistent exes. We also take a look at some handy call blocking Android apps.

Hangouts on Android updated to version 4.0 with a fresh coat of paint and more

Hangouts version 4.0 for Android packs a metric ton of improvements. It's got a material design-inspired interface, a new Android Wear companion app, Google Voice MMS support, and more.

Soon Google Voice might actually do a decent job of transcribing voicemail

If you're a Google Voice user, you've probably seen your share of voicemail transcriptions that make it look like the person who left the message is losing their mind. That's about to change, or at least get a little better.
Cool Tech

The Global Beer Fridge speaks 40 languages and opens on command

A partnership between Google and Canadian beer company Molson has resulted in quite the lovechild -- the Global Beer Fridge, which is simultaneously a terrible tease and a phenomenal innovation.

Uh oh! Project Fi guts many of Google Voice’s features during setup process

If you're a Google Voice user, you might want to hold off on signing up for Project Fi. It guts many of Voice's features, including calling, messaging, and legacy device support.

Hangouts and Google Voice edge closer together with free audio-only calls and more

Google is finally making some serious moves to integrate Google Voice with Hangouts. Users can now make audio-only calls for free to any number in the US and Canada, while Google Voice SMS messages and voicemail are also now part of the…
Social Media

LinkedIn bans prostitutes, the world’s oldest occupation

Prostitution may be legal in many parts of the world, but LinkedIn's user policy has been modified to ban individuals in the industry from using the site.

Surprise! Google extends free Gmail voice calling yet again

Google has announced that its calling service through its Gmail app will remain free for yet another year in the U.S. and Canada.

Can Microsoft’s revamped Skype take on Gchat, Google Voice and Google Hangouts?

Microsoft's ditching Windows Live Messenger for Skype, but is Skype enough to stand up to the other widely used services? We compare Skype to its biggest Google competitors: Hangouts, Talk, and Voice.

Google takes Gmail voice calling global, lowers rates

Google is extending voice calling within Gmail to 38 languages and 150 destinations...and lowers rates for international calling.