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Can Microsoft’s revamped Skype take on Gchat, Google Voice and Google Hangouts?

Microsoft's ditching Windows Live Messenger for Skype, but is Skype enough to stand up to the other widely used services? We compare Skype to its biggest Google competitors: Hangouts, Talk, and Voice.

Google takes Gmail voice calling global, lowers rates

Google is extending voice calling within Gmail to 38 languages and 150 destinations...and lowers rates for international calling.

Gmail adds call waiting with new multi-call support

If you enjoy reading email and placing phone calls from the same interface, Gmail may just solve your needs. Today, Google enabled multi-call support for all Gmail users.

Google Voice adds spam filter

Google Voice can now automatically redirect spam calls, texts, and voicemail to users' spam folders, based on Google's own antispam tools and user feedback.

Text messaging is dying, report shows

If a recent decline in the number of text messages sent is any indication, the days of over-priced texting plans may soon come to an end.

Facebook, Google reportedly in discussions for possible Skype deal

Skype is reportedly in discussions with both Google and Facebook for a possible joint venture or acquisition, according to sources.

Nexus S 4G announced, Sprint and Google Voice numbers interchangeable without porting

Google reveals the Nexus S 4G phone for Sprint, which offers an unprecedented level of integration with Google Voice, allowing customers to use a phone number from either service across a network of phones without having to port anything.

Google Voice adds $20 mobile phone number porting

For $20, Google Voice users in the United States can now port their existing mobile phone number to Google Voice.
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Google Voice testing ability to port your phone number

It looks switching over to Google Voice may be possible soon, but think twice before you ditch your carrier yet.

China threatens to ban Skype

China is sending a warning to VoIP sites by labeling Skype illegal, saying only companies native to the country can offer the service.

Gmail extends free calling through 2011

Google will continue enabling users to place free phone calls from Gmail throughout least for users in the United States.

Google’s Latitude app finally comes to the iPhone

Following the Nov. release of Google Voice, Latitude becomes the second Google app to come to iOS devices following a loosening of App Store restrictions.