Google unveils Classroom, a free online tool to help teachers organize their workload

Google on Tuesday unveiled Classroom, a free tool designed to "give teachers more time to teach and students more time to learn." Part of the Google Apps for Education suite, Classroom makes use of several Google services, including Docs…

Google Wallet headed to Glass, enables sending money via voice command

Designed to simplify sending money to friends or family, Google is internally testing a new Glass feature that adds Google Wallet functionality and allows users to send money with voice commands.

Google Maps for iOS and Android adds Uber integration, lane guidance, and more

Today's mega update to Google Maps for iOS and Android brings with it Uber integration, lane guidance, and improved offline support, among several other features.

It looks like Google has helped the NSA, but that could be a good thing

Email correspondences between NSA director General Keith Alexander and Google executives Sergey Brin and Eric Schmidt reveal that Google, as well as other companies, maintained a voluntary dialogue with the NSA.

Nexus 8 is coming: Here’s what (we think) we know about Google’s next tablet

Rumors of a Nexus 8 tablet have been spreading for a while, with some even suggesting it'll replace the popular Nexus 7, so to keep you informed, we've gathered all the news and gossip together in one place.

Google sued for allegedly creating a search monopoly on smartphones

A new antitrust suit claims that Google required companies like Samsung and HTC to pre-load its applications into Android phones through secret pacts called Mobile Application Distribution Agreements (MADA).

Standalone apps for Google Docs and Sheets now available for download

While Drive contains Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides, Google decided to release them as standalone apps for the App Store and Google Play. Docs and Sheets are currently available for download, while Slides will arrive sometime soon.
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Google Glass teardown puts total value of parts at less than $80

Google has been selling Glass to Explorer testers for a hefty $1500, but a teardown of the device suggests its components are only worth $80. This might mean that, when it finally gets a commercial release, it'll actually come with a…
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6 cool ways to use your Chromecast outside the box

Chromecast is one of the easiest, and most affordable ways for users without a smart TV to hit up their favorite streaming sites. But it's so much more than that. Come inside to check out some cool ways to use the dongle that you might not…
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Chromecast users can now send Google Drive presentations to the big screen

Google added the new functionality to the Drive service yesterday. Up until this point, only a select few users could cast presentations using the dongle while Google took the time to perfect the function, in anticipation of a full public…

Google rewards April Fools Pokémon Masters

Google will send a physical prize to Pokémon Masters that managed to catch 'em all in the company's April Fools Google Maps prank.

Google will stop mining data from Apps for Education for ad data collection purposes

Google says it will no longer scan Gmail accounts in Apps for Education for ad data mining purposes. However, more announcements on this front may be coming in the near future. You can learn more here.