YouTube on the up and up with 2013 ad revenue forecast to hit $5.6 billion

Site changes and investments appear to be paying off for Google-owned YouTube with a report Wednesday forecasting the company will generate gross ad revenue of $5.6 billion in 2013, up from an estimated $3.7 billion in 2012.

Microsoft to Gmail users: Switch to with our new import tool!

Microsoft lost millions of Hotmail users to Gmail in the years following its 2004 launch, but now it wants them back. The company is rolling out a new tool that simplifies the process of switching from Gmail to its post-Hotmail…

Google stonewalls access to Pirate Bay Chrome browser extension, more

If you use Google Chrome browser extension in order to sift through your favorite torrent sites to find stuff, your task just got tougher. But only very, very, very..very slightly tougher.

NSA uses Google Web browser cookies for targeted hacks, leaked documents reveal

Think all of those advertising cookies installed on your browser are being used by the government to track people and hack into their computers? According to documents leaked by Edward Snowden, you’re not paranoid – you’re right.

LG G Pad 8.3 and Sony Xperia Z Ultra relaunched with Android KitKat

LG and Sony have become the latest manufacturers to launch Google Play Editions of their popular new products. From LG, we have the G Pad 8.3, and from Sony the Xperia Z Ultra, both of which run stock Android 4.4 KitKat.
Social Media

Facebook expands AI project, takes another step closer toward robot apocalypse

Facebook hired a "deep learning" luminary for its New York City artificial intelligence research lab, NYU professor Yann LeCun. Will the expanding project change how we search online, or just help Facebook sell ads?

Google’s mystery barge caught in Coast Guard red tape

Google’s plans to build an “interactive space” on a barge in the San Francisco Bay have been forced to drop anchor – and everything else – thanks to an investigation by the U.S. Coast Guard and other agencies.

Google now lets you create your own ‘Street View experience’ with new Maps feature

Google has just rolled out a new Maps-related feature enabling users to create their own Street View experience that can be shared with others and embedded into websites. And no, you don't need a camera-laden car to get involved.

Android bug releases are out, and they should fix your Nexus 5 camera

Google has released its first update to Android KitKat. Version 4.4.1 should be making its way to Nexus 5 smartphones now, and promises to fix some of the problems encountered using the camera.

Google, Microsoft, Apple, and more launch ‘Reform Government Surveillance’ campaign

After months of NSA leaks, a coalition of eight major U.S. technology companies, led by Google and Microsoft, launched a public campaign to overhaul the scope and oversight of government surveillance.
Home Theater

Report: Google eyeing Nexus TV Android set-top box launch next year

Potentially another product that would have some degree of impact within the home theater, Google's rumored Nexus TV could be an ideal set-top box solution for anyone that absolutely loves Android.

Microsoft takes jabs at the Google Chromebook in new ad campaign

Continuing to dedicate advertising dollars to the Scroogled line of negative ads, Microsoft has a couple new advertisements that point out disadvantages to owning a Google Chromebook.