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Man Googles himself, finds picture on ‘Most Wanted’ list, surrenders

Starting with curiosity and likely leading to a feeling of guilt, a California man turned himself into police custody after spotting his picture on a site that attempts to help catch wanted criminals.

Google Now may soon remind you when you’re near someone

While Google Now currently reminds you when and where to meet someone, it will reportedly also let you know when you're near someone. Privacy advocates, eat your hearts out.

Cloud down! GChat and Google Drive experience service issues

Google Talk has experienced a service outage today, and some of the company's other services have suffered some issues as well. Learn more here.
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Google tightens up Android’s in-app purchase process

Good news if you're concerned about your kids running up a huge bill on the Play Store: Google has added a new option to prompt for a password every time a purchase is made, after a fresh lawsuit.

Google launches a Web app add-on store for Google Docs

Definitely ideal for anyone with a Chromebook that works primarily in Google Docs, the new add-on Web app store in Google Drive allows users to install interesting and useful functions within the interface.

Asus Duet’s marriage between Google and Microsoft on the rocks

The Transformer Book Duet TD300 is allegedly on ice after Google and Microsoft both reportedly balked at the prospect of a device running a competing OS alongside their own. Learn more here.

Google’s new search layout melds paid ads with real search results

Google's newest tweaks to their search layout could make it more difficult to tell the difference between ads and actual results. Learn more here.

Google Drive’s new prices make Dropbox, OneDrive seem like ripoffs

Google just announced some dramatic price cuts for their Drive cloud storage service. You can learn more about the new rates here.
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Retrace Jack Kerouac’s steps from ‘On The Road’ with Google Maps

Author Gregor Weichbrodt combed through Kerouac's most famous novel and entered all the locations into Google Maps, resulting in a 55-page set of directions that you can easily follow yourself.

Google eyeing Manhattan site for first brick-and-mortar store, report says

A report this week claiming Google is close to signing a lease on a site in Manhattan's swish SoHo district is fueling speculation that the Web giant is gearing up to open its first permanent brick-and-mortar retail store.

Mom sues Google after son spends $65 on virtual currency

A New York woman is trying to take Google to court after her son spent $66 of her money on in-app purchases. The lawsuit accuses Google of unjust enrichment and violating consumer protection laws.
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Android heading to wearable devices

Google has plenty to share at SXSW — Android is coming to wearable devices, Chromecast is coming to more countries, and a YouTube music service might still be coming to everyone... eventually.