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How DeepMind’s artificial intelligence will make Google even smarter

With the acquisition of DeepMind, Google will acquire a whole new set of technologies related to artificial intelligence. But what will it use them for, and should we be concerned?
Android Army

Well, that was a quickie! Google sells Motorola

Google has sold Motorola to Lenovo for $3 billion. This comes a little more than two years after it purchased Motorola for $12 billion. Larry Page has confirmed the news.

Street View arrives in Manila, island hopping around Philippines to follow

Google's quest to map the world from ground level took another step forward Tuesday when its Street View cameras started snapping away in the Philippines for the very first time.
Cool Tech

Google, LEGO partner for virtual brick building with Build With Chrome

Definitely a cool tool for anyone that spend their childhood building creative LEGO creations, Google and LEGO have teamed up to offer a virtual building tool that's tied into Google Maps.
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Facebook users will have a chance to be on ‘American Idol’ without judges’ scrutiny

Facebook has teamed up with reality show "American Idol" to show the profile pictures of people who vote through social media on the program. The long-running reality show is also partnering with Google on a new fan-voting option.

Google: Glass and glasses come together with new prescription frames

Long requested by Glass users, Google finally unveiled four styles of prescription frames for the device on Tuesday, together with two new sets of shades. The frames come with a $225 price tag, while the shades come in a little cheaper at…
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Prince understands the Internet like it’s 1999, sues Facebook users for $22 million

Prince filed a lawsuit against Facebook and Google Blogger users. If the eccentric singer wins, 22 individuals will each have to pay $1 million each to the Purple One.

Google glitch sends thousands of emails to one man’s Hotmail account

California resident David Peck was unfortunate enough to have his email address turn up in a Google search for 'Gmail' on Friday – at exactly the same time as millions of people were experiencing issues with Google's Web-based services.

Google acquires AI startup DeepMind for $400 million

Google's ambitions in the field of artificial intelligence appear to have taken another step forward, with a report Sunday stating the company has just acquired London-based AI-related startup DeepMind in a deal worth $400 million.

Google and Samsung become BFFs, will share patents for next 10 years

Google and Samsung have just signed a major patent deal, allowing the two companies to share each other's patent technology for the next decade. This certainly could have some major effects on the entire tech industry.

Google’s latest patent idea: free transport with your ads

A freshly granted patent means that Google could soon be bundling transport deals with its ads, giving you discounted travel options to redeem an offer or pick up an item for purchase.

Can you hack into Chrome OS? Google puts up $2.72m bounty

Google has announced details of Pwnium 4, its annual hacking contest — anyone who breaks into the Chrome operating system can walk away with hundreds of thousands of dollars in rewards.