Google under investigation for tax fraud in Italy

Following France and the UK, Italy has become the latest European country to investigate the potential that Google has defrauded the nation in terms of tax evasion and non-declaration of revenue.

To Photo Sync or not to Photo Sync? We go hands on with Facebook’s new auto uploading photo feature

Facebook's Photo Sync finally was released, so went hands on to reveal everything from setup to built-in features - and of course, we take a look at how safe the system is.
Android Army

More rumors point toward a weaker, cheaper $100 Nexus tablet

Specifications for an unnamed Asus tablet have surfaced on the web, hinting that a lower-end Nexus 7 could be in the works.

Nexus 4 sales now regulated on eBay due to high demand

On Friday, eBay posted a notice to its users issuing guidelines for the sales of Google and LG's Nexus 4 device.
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Syria disappears from the Internet, Google responds again with Speak2Tweet

Amid the Syrian civil war, Syria's Internet connection has vanished overnight spurring Google to encourage citizens and journalists to reach out through Twitter using Speak2Tweet.

The not-boring guide to the United Nations’ non-takeover of the Internet

On Monday, 193 United Nations member states will gather in Dubai to decide the future of the Internet. The details are messy, confusing, and sometimes secret. And nobody knows what's going to happen. Here's a quick-and-dirty guide to filthy…

A deeper dive into Bing’s anti-Google Scroogle campaign and the politics of pay-to-play online shopping

As the holiday shopping season begins, it's every man - er, search engine - for itself. Bing has launched an attack on Google's pay-to-play product listings, but is its system any more ethical? We take a closer look.

Google Drive mobile app updated with spreadsheet editing and more

If you've been using Google Drive on your mobile device, there may have been times when you wanted to make an edit to a spreadsheet but weren't able to do so. Well, you can now. Today Google rolled out an update to its Drive app for Android…

Can Google rescue the Chromebook by making it more like Surface?

Google's cloud-dependent Chromebooks haven't taken off yet. Is a touchscreen and a more Surface-like experience in order?

Can Google’s ‘Ingress’ game live up to its amazing viral marketing campaign?

The Niantic Project, a bizarre shadowy world of portals to other dimensions, secret documents, and the battle between the Enlightened and the Resistance. The plot for a new movie? No, it's a lovingly crafted viral marketing campaign for a…

Microsoft’s Outlook email client reaches 25 million user milestone, launches new features and Android app

Microsoft is celebrating the 25 million active user landmark for its Outlook email client by launching additional features and an Android app.

Thanks to Google Drive, Gmail users can now attach and send files up to 10GB

Gmail users can now attach and send up to 10GB of files hosted on Google Drive directly from the Gmail client.