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Yahoo takes #1 spot, knocks Google down to #2 in US Internet traffic

Yahoo has taken the top spot for U.S. Internet traffic for the first time in two years, knocking reigning king Google down to number two. Needless to say, Marissa Mayer is probably having a very good day.

Rumor: Google Glass coming to Best Buy stores in 2014 (Updated)

If you're waiting for Google Glass to be released, but a little concerned about ordering it through Google Play, you may not have to worry, as a new rumor suggests Google is going to sell the specs in Best Buy next year.

Google releases Chrome 29 with magical Reset button

Google announced its official release of Chrome 29 yesterday, which brings users a Reset button, as well as improved omnibox results and rich notifications for Mac users.

Google+ Photos app now available for all Chromebooks, not just Pixel

The grass is always greener, right? No, your screen won't look any better than that of your friend's high-res Google Pixel, but Google announced yesterday that the Google+ Photos app (previously exclusive to Pixel) is now available to…

Helpouts: Google’s video-based e-commerce platform is for real, now looking for experts

Talk of Helpouts first hit the Web last month, with Google on Tuesday confirming the existence of the e-commerce platform. The online marketplace, which will enable individuals and businesses to offer lessons over live video, should launch…

Google begins integrating Waze’s real-time traffic reports into its Maps app

A couple of months after Google acquired socially sourced navigation app Waze, the company has started to incorporate some of its features into Google Maps for both Android and iOS.

What is Google Fiber and why is it so awesome?

You've probably been hearing a lot of talk about Google Fiber, but it's still relatively new and many people don't exactly know what it is and what if offers. However, we have a quick primer that will get you up to speed on what you should…

Put away that body spray, fellas: Google Glass is ‘great for picking up girls’

One of the lucky few to be enrolled in Google's Explorer program, which gives early access to its Glass smartglasses, says the specs have made him something of a celebrity, and that they're, "great for picking up girls."

Rumor: LG to build the Nexus 5 after all?

The mystery of the Nexus 5 has taken another turn, as despite previous statements, LG is now being linked with building the device for Google, and that it will be based on the new LG G2 Android phone.

Google Search gets personal – now updates with flight status, reservations, and more

After doing some extensive testing that began last year, Google is bringing several new features to its search engine, filtering through your Gmail, Google Calendar, and Google+ account to deliver relevant search results from other Google…

Should Gmail users expect any privacy? Untwisting Google’s claim

Google has argued in court that Gmail users have "no legitimate expectation of privacy," setting off a firestorm of sensationalist headlines. But a close look at the facts show that the company is simply stating the obvious.

Google launches behind-the-scenes site for Street View collections

Google has further expanded its Street View service, on Tuesday launching a new behind-the-scenes site for its Special Collections. The new material includes everything from videos and audio tours to background information about how the…