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Google rewards reviews, $55K headphones, FB Safety Check flap: DT Daily 2:28

Google offers up cloud storage for your restaurant reviews, we checked out some headphones that cost $55,000, Facebook's Zuckerberg clarifies why they activated Safety Check feature after Paris attacks.

Google makes Hangouts calls to France free in aftermath of Paris attacks

Tech companies have a knack for rising to the occasion in the aftermath of tragedies. Hours after the terrorist attacks in Paris, Google announced on its social media channels that it’s making Hangouts calls to France free.
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Police pull over a Google self-driving car for driving too cautiously

Tootling along the streets of California recently with a load of cars behind it, one of Google's self-driving prototypes was pulled over by a cop for going too slow. The police department later confirmed the incident, adding that it didn't…

Free comics from Google to celebrate new comic mode in Play Books app

Google has updated its Play Books app with a new comic mode and comic store. The new app mode makes reading comics on a small screen more natural, and to celebrate the new store, Google's giving away free comics inside.

Google helps you control all your data in a new About Me page

Google knows it can be difficult managing all of the privacy settings on its various services, so it's attempted to simplify it by bringing them all together into one location. The new About Me page has everything it knows about you in one…

Google may take hardware by the horns and make its own smartphone

Google may finally make its own smartphone, according to unnamed sources. The head of Android and other executives are reportedly in talks, discussing the possibility of a Google phone.
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Google has open-sourced TensorFlow, their new deep-learning system

In an effort to spread the wealth and make everyone smarter, Google has decided to open source their machine learning system, TensorFlow, making it possible for anyone and everyone to access the huge potential benefits of Deep Learning.

No Wi-Fi? No problem for Google Maps, which just introduced offline search

Google just introduced offline navigation and search. "Now you can download an area of the world to your phone, and the next time you find there’s no connectivity ... Google Maps will continue to work seamlessly,"
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Google takes VR fun to more schools with expansion of Expeditions program

Google said Monday it's taking its VR Expeditions program to more schools in U.S. cities – including Portland, Orlando, New Orleans, and Las Vegas – while outside the U.S. it's coming for the first time to schools in Canada, Denmark…

Cracked Nexus 6P? You're not the only one

Early Nexus 6P units may have a design flaw causing the rear panel, which houses the camera, to crack spontaneously. The cracks are apparently happening within 24 hours of taking delivery of the device, pointing to a severe manufacturing…

Microsoft’s OneDrive debacle shows its cloud commitment is weaker than promised

Last year, Microsoft decided to take on rival Google with a cheaper, unlimited cloud storage plan. Now, the company has gone back on its word, a move that hurts both OneDrive and its users.

Time to discuss AI ethics — experts gather in January

Some of the brightest minds working in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) will meet up at New York University this coming January. The assembled gathering will discuss the ethical implications of working with artificial intelligence…