Google News will start marking topics with fact checking tag

Possibly quite useful when attempting to debunk claims made by political candidates, a new markup code on Google News will call out topics that have been thoroughly researched by fact checking organizations.

Google may release its smartwatches alongside Android Wear 2.0 in Q1 2017

Google is reportedly making two Android Wear smartwatches, and both devices will be integrated with Google Assistant -- the search giant's AI bot. The larger of the two devices will have LTE, GPS, and a heart-rate monitor.
Social Media

Facebook now lets you use Google Cast or AirPlay to stream video on your TV

Want to enjoy Facebook videos on your TV instead of smartphone? Facebook has enabled a new feature on its mobile app that allows you to do so. Simply click the button, hit the TV icon, and select which device you want to stream to.

Check out 25 of the best Android Wear apps for your smartwatch

Looking for some ways to spruce up that new Android smartwatch of yours? Here are our favorite apps to download and use with any Android smartwatch, including those for taking notes, browsing the web, and making mobile payments.

‘How and where do I vote?’ Google is making it easier to find out

It has helped you find all the information you need to make an informed decision this November, and now it's helping you put that decision to action. Google now tells you where to vote and who's on the ballot.

Google gets another extension to respond to EU antitrust allegations

The European Commission formally leveraged charges against Google over what it says are anticompetitive practices with its Shopping service. Google has gotten another extension to file its response.
Cool Tech

Here’s your stop: Google DeepMind’s new AI can help you navigate the subway system

DeepMind’s AI -- a differential neural network -- is one of the first systems to use external memory and deep learning to train itself autonomously, without the need for hard-coded instructions.

Google surveillance report for first half of 2016 shows more government demands

Google issued its government surveillance report for the first half of 2016, with more governments requesting more info on fewer accounts in spite of reforms of surveillance practices underway in the U.S.

Google, Facebook are draping more fiber optic cables across the Pacific Ocean

Google has teamed up with Facebook, Pacific Light Data Communication, and TE Subcom to drape fiber optic cables across the Pacific Ocean, connecting Los Angeles to Hong Kong. A portion will provide more Google Drive bandwidth in China.
Virtual Reality

See Paris like you’ve never seen it before with Google’s Curio-cité virtual tour

Sure, it might not be the exact equivalent of flying to Europe and walking down the Champs-Élysées, but thanks to Google, you might be able to experience an acceptable alternative to your Paris trip. It's all thanks to…

Google's Sprayscape helps you capture dream-like virtual reality photos

Google has launched an app that helps you create 360-degree photos with only your smartphone. The result? Some pretty trippy virtual reality bubbles. The app is available on Google Play and is coming to iOS "soon."

This Android hack brings Google Assistant to your non-Pixel smartphone

A new hack has been discovered by the folks over at XDA-Developers that basically allows non-Pixel smartphones to get Google Assistant, Google's latest digital assistant. So far, Google Assistant is only available on the Google Assistant.