Girl power: Unicode greenlights new emoji of professional women

Eleven of Google's 13 women at work emojis have been approved by the Unicode Emoji Subcommittee. But instead of having women-only emojis, Unicode will make male versions of and will add a variety of skin tones.

Two more Chromebooks have Google Play support thanks to an update in the developer channel

Google unleashed an update in the developer channel enabling Google Play apps to run on the Chromebook Pixel 2015 and Acer Chromebook R11, following last month's Asus Chromebook Flip update. Right now, Android app support appears a little…

You can now choose a photo for your keyboard thanks to Google Keyboard 5.1

Google has started rolling out version 5.1 of its Keyboard app, boasting a number of changes, including new emojis and customizable themes. This will allow users to choose from a color or even a photo as a theme for their keyboard.

Travel cheap thanks to Google's hotel and flight-finding search update

Google has launched an update to its search engine designed to make traveling cheaper and help users find deals on both hotels and flights. For example, users can now be notified when a hotel fare drops below the norm.

EU Commission gives Google a six-week breather in ongoing Android investigation

The European Commission has officially accused Google of using Android and its pre-installed apps to stifle the competition, after completing an investigation. Google had 12 weeks to respond to the charges, but the deadline has been…

In San Jose this weekend? Grab a free McDonald's meal if you 'pay with Google' 0:40

Google has started looking past Android Pay with the launch of Hands Free, an app that lets you keep your phone in your pocket at the cashier. The search giant is giving away a free McDonald's meal to anyone who participates at…

Google’s new Fiber plans are a perfect (and cheap) fit for enterprise

Google Fiber's slow rollout continues apace as the company introduces a new selection of plans specifically aimed at business customers in Nashville, Provo, Austin, and Charlotte, North Carolina.

Android Marshmallow’s adoption rate rises to 13.3 percent

Google's latest Android 6.0 Marshmallow release has been on over 10 percent of devices since June, but now you can add an additional 3.2 percent. Unfortunately, older versions of Android have remained in use in many more devices.

Niantic responds to Pokemon Go Google security concerns

Pokemon Go is quickly becoming one of the most popular mobiles games on the market. But some users have warned the game requests broad access if the Google account login option is selected.

Here's a rendering of what Google's smartwatches could look like

Google is reportedly making two Android Wear smartwatches, and both devices will be integrated with Google Assistant -- the search giant's artificially intelligent bot. The larger of the two devices will have LTE, GPS, and a heart-rate…

Google Cloud Platform gains video software company Anvato after acquisition

In an effort to expand its offerings in cloud-based video processing, Google announced this week it had bought Anvato, a video-software platform. Anvato guarantees playback and monetization from signal to every screen.

Google Self-Driving Car Project could become a company under Alphabet

Whether or not the Google Self-Driving Car Project ever decides to manufacture cars, it may be positioning itself to become a company within the Alphabet group. The recent hiring of key personnel underscores the possibility of independence.