Google promising ‘new treats’ on Sept. 29

You might want to clear a space in your diary on Tuesday, Sept. 29: Google is holding a media event at which it's expected to unveil a new Nexus or two and an updated Chromecast device.
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Chromecast Audio could arrive Sept. 29, will Wi-Fi enable your home speakers

The tech giant is working on Chromecast Audio, a device separate from Chromecast 2, which will “Wi-Fi enable the speakers in your home.” The new device will allow users to listen to music and other audio via Wi-Fi from Android devices…

Guess how big Google’s codebase is

Google employees have been writing code since the late '90s, so how many lines of code do you think they've put together by now? A hundred thousand? A few million? Keep going -- it's a lot more.
DT Daily

‘Big Delta’ 3D prints entire homes, Chromecast 2.0: DT Daily 1:16

The 40-foot tall "Big Delta" 3D can print out an entire small home, Google gets ready to update their Chromecast dongle.

Google records every voice search you make, here’s how to view and delete them

Did you know that Google has a recording of every voice search or command you ever made? Here's how to access your own personal dashboard to delete your history and opt out of future recordings.

Google renames Glass team ‘Project Aura’, working on ‘cool wearables’

Google has reportedly hired a bunch of engineers and developers for its Glass team, which is now thought to be working under the name "Project Aura." Besides working on a new version of Glass, Aura is also said to be developing other "cool…

You can now go on a Kenyan safari thanks to Street View 0:24

Google's latest addition to its vast database of Street View imagery is a trip through Kenya's Samburu National Reserve where you'll be treated to the glorious sight of the park's wild elephants, zebras, leopards, lions, and…

Google announces donation-matching effort to raise at least $11m for refugees

As millions flee war-torn and poverty-stricken nations in the Middle East and northern Africa, Google has launched a campaign to raise at least $11 million for aid agencies currently dealing with the mass movement of people.

Russia accuses Google of not playing fair on mobile

Google has been found guilty of abusing its position on Android by bundling all of its services into one package and forcing manufacturers to use it. It may be forced to remove some of the restrictions, allowing manufacturers to pick and…
DT Daily

Sony’s VR headset takes next step, Google turns 18: DT Daily 1:29

Today on DT Daily: Sony's "Project Morpheus" VR headset gets a new name, Google turns 18.

Google’s self-driving car project has a new CEO in John Krafcik, a car industry veteran

It's one of their most ambitious projects to date, so naturally, Google's self-driving car project requires some pretty impressive leadership. And on Monday, that leadership took the form of John Krafcik.

Google has plans for a lot more of its self-driving cars

Google's self-driving car program remains a small-scale scheme because of road regulations and the limitations of the technology, but a company executive has revealed bigger plans for the future.