Want a Google Pixel phone? Take it to Sprint for a discount

Taking a page out of T-Mobile's book is none other than Sprint, which has sent out an email to certain customers offering a rather hefty account credit if they bring their Pixel to one of their stores.

A tax loophole allowed Google to avoid paying $3.6 billion last year

Don't blame the player, blame the game. That would appear to be Google's mantra, at least when it came to their hefty tax savings in 2015 by taking advantage of a tax loophole known as a "Double Irish" and a "Dutch sandwich."
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Twitter, Facebook, Google being sued by families of Orlando nightclub victims

A lawsuit filed by the families of victims of the Orlando nightclub shooting claims Twitter, Facebook, and Google provided “material support” to the Islamic State, which led to the radicalization of shooter Omar Mateen.

Google makes cryptography more secure with open-sourced Project Wycheproof

Google launched Project Wycheproof on Monday, a huge set of tests for developers and software vendors to test their cryptographic software libraries against known attacks. The project is a work in progress and is open to contributions.
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Google’s Waymo self-driving cars will debut as Chrysler minivans

Also today: Self-learning site says they got hacked, Elon Musk doesn't like traffic jams so a new business is born - maybe.

Augmented reality, anyone? Lenovo is releasing another Tango phone in 2017

Lenovo is set to follow the Phab 2 Pro, which was the first consumer-facing Tango phone, with another Tango phone, according to a Lenovo general manager. It's looking like 2017 could be an exciting year for Google's Tango.

Researchers design new test to detect discrimination in AI programs

The Equality of Opportunity in Supervised Learning approach analyzes the decisions that machine-learning programs make -- rather than the decision-making processes themselves -- to detect discrimination.

Google Keep for Chrome adds doodle functionality

The Android version of the Google Keep note-taking app has featured drawing and sketching tools for some time, but now this functionality has been introduced to its Chrome web app iteration.

Is your Chromebook ill? A simple reset can fix its woes

Are you ready to sell or give away your Chromebook? Then you'll probably want to erase all of your user data so it doesn't accidently fall into the wrong hands. Luckily, Google makes it easy to do so.

Google Home now boasts 35 third-party actions

Google is rebranding the Google Cast app as Google Home, and now, a whole host of other companies and services have jumped on the Google Actions bandwagon, including Domino's, NPR, and Todoist.

You could get a free Pixel — and a sweater to keep it warm — at Google’s NYC pop-up

If you own a Google Pixel (or are planning on owning one soon), pay a visit to the Made By Google pop-up on Mercer Street and Spring to get a sweater for your phone, and just maybe, for you as well.

Google now lets users add moving text to GIFs in its Motion Stills app

Google has updated its Motion Stills app for iOS once again. The update lets users add moving text to their images, as well as create cinemagraphs that freeze the background of the image using machine learning.