New Google Maps feature shows you exactly where you’ve been

If you're a big user of Google Now notifications and love Google Maps, here's something else you're likely to go for – Your Timeline. The new Maps feature, for Android and desktop users, lets you rediscover old journeys and resurface memories.


Android 5.1 updates: Sony updates the Xperia Z3 and Z2 series, promises more to come soon

Google has introduced the latest version of Android Lollipop, and it's already being sent out to various Nexus and Google Play devices. Find out if yours is on the list in our guide to Android 5.1.


Husband who said he’d quit smoking outed by Street View

Typical. You're outside your house enjoying a sneaky smoke – against doctor's orders – and what drives by but a Street View car. A while later, your wife starts suspecting you're still on the ciggies, checks your home on Street View, and there you are…


Google+ Photos shuts down on August 1: Here’s how to save your photos and videos

Google is shutting down Google+ Photos. Here's how to ensure a seamless transition to the service's replacement, Google Photos. Don't worry -- it's not as scary as it seems.


YouTube strikes back: video sharing site is now bigger than cable

It has more competition than ever, but YouTube is fighting hard to keep its position as the world's No. 1 video destination, according to figures released in Google's earnings call.


Homejoy closes its doors but Google picks up its staff

Life is tough for on-demand sharing services at the moment, and startup Homejoy has been forced to cease operations — but in an interesting twist Google, has picked up some of its staff.


Inbox now suggests when to resurface Snoozed emails

Google Inbox is getting smarter. The service, a subset of Gmail, gained a new feature that suggests when to resurface important Snoozed messages. It's the latest in a series of improvements Google's made to its email service.

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Google self-driving car in first injury accident – and no, it wasn’t its fault

Google's self-driving car prototypes have been caught up in a few accidents over the project's lifetime, though none have been the vehicle's fault, and, more importantly, no one's been hurt. Until now, that is....


Google has a plan to bring free Internet to low-income Americans

In a joint effort by the White House and Google, a new program known as ConnectHome will bring free Internet to around 275,000 homes in 27 cities across the United States, attempting to close the so-called "homework gap."


Android M may support visual voicemail, but at the whim of individual carriers

The final Android M release will contain a framework for visual voicemail, a Google employee said, but it'll be up to individual carriers to support it. Some with paid visual voicemail services, like Verizon, may be disinclined.


That Google Buy Button is real

To help ease online shopping -- and take a small slice of that pie for itself -- Google today announced “Purchases on Google.” Call it the "Buy Button," a way for the company to host branded shopping pages for retailers that will let customers buy using…

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Google to reopen Map Maker in early August, asks users to police themselves

Just a month after suspending the service following a number of unfortunate and inappropriate incidents with the feature, Google has decided to reopen Map Maker, but only if we, the users, help keep it clean.


If you don’t toggle this setting, Google Photos on Android will continue to upload pictures even when uninstalled

If you don't toggle the right setting, Google Photos on Android can upload pictures even if you uninstall the app. That's thanks to the way the service handles backups.

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Fewer Googlers being hired by Web giant as cost-saving measures take hold

Sure, Google's not short of a buck or two, but that doesn't mean it won't save costs where it can. At least, that appears to be the view of its new chief financial officer, who's said to be behind a number of new cost-saving measures at the Web giant.