Google is giving away free Nexus Live Cases in Maps contest

If you own a Nexus 5X, 6, or 6P handset and are thinking about dropping $35 on one of Google's recently launched, customizable Live Cases, then you may as well try winning one first.

Welcome to the bakery? Axl Rose wants to purge his plus-size meme from the internet

Classic rock front man Axl Rose is tired of seeing fat memes of himself on the internet, has sent takedown requests to Google for images in question, but the images remain available online.

Man vs. machine: Google’s AlphaGo will battle humanity’s best Go player

After dominating Lee Sedol in March, Google's DeepMind project may be circling a bout with the world's best player as computer program AlphaGo seeks an even greater challenge.

Are you still a Picasa holdout? How to make Google Photos work for you

Google's Picasa may be no more, but that doesn't mean your photos are left in the dust. Here is our complete guide to the differences between Picasa and Google Photos, and the best

The 20 Best Google Chrome games

Not only is Google Chrome a fantastic web browser, it's also a versatile gaming platform that you can access from just about anywhere. Here are a few of our favorite titles for the platform, whether you want to play a classic franchise or…

All devices and apps that work with Google Nest

If you have a Nest thermostat or device, or you're planning to purchase one, you'll want to make sure it works with your other smart devices. Thankfully, we've curated the full list for you.

Nest CEO to step down, nestle into role as adviser to Alphabet

Nest founder and CEO Tony Fadell has announced via the company's blog that he will no longer serve as CEO and will instead work as an adviser to Alphabet, parent company of Google, which purchased Nest in 2014.

Tesla's Elon Musk: Apple missed an opportunity by not building a car sooner

Tesla isn't worried about competition from Google, but it believes Apple will one day be one of its rivals. CEO Elon Musk welcomes the competition, and says he's surprised that it's taken Apple this long to build a car.

Google's self-driving cars are being tested in four cities. Is one near you?

If you've been hoping to see a Google driverless car in its natural habitat, here's a spotting guide., Google's Self-Driving Car Project report is now available. Find out how many cars, where they are, and how many miles they've traveled.

Google Doodle uses age-old technique to honor animation pioneer

Go behind the scenes to learn how Google painstakingly replicated an age-old technique called “silhouette animation” to honor animator Charlotte 'Lotte' Reiniger on what would have been her 117th birthday.

Google’s ‘Now on Tap’ lets you run searches in real-time via your camera

Google has made Now on Tap more precise -- you can now highlight specific text before you trigger Now on Tap to get more relevant results, and you can also get more information on images via the Android Marshmallow-only feature.

When does a toot become a honk? The big question pondered by Google’s self-driving team

Google's driverless car team has been developing an algorithm that causes the vehicle's horn to sound differently according to the situation. The aim is to be polite and considerate, though it knows there's always the risk of a spot of road…