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You can now draw notes and doodle in Google Keep for Android

The next time you have to create a quick note to yourself, try drawing it. Google Keep's latest update lets you draw your notes or even draw on images. It's the perfect collaboration tool.
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97-year-old Olive Horrell blown away by visit to Google’s campus

In what may be the most endearing footage captured in 2015, 97-year-old great-grandmother Olive Horrell took a trip to Google's Mountain View campus as part of the Wish of a Lifetime initiative.

Google issues ultimatum to Symantec over unauthorized HTTPS certificates

Following the unauthorized issuing of security certificates, Google has warned Symantec to become more transparent in its processes -- or else sites using its certificates will be deemed unsafe in Chrome.

Facebook soars ahead of Google and Tencent on iOS App Store

Facebook's social apps are now the most popular in the world, and are dominated the iOS App Store charts in the third calendar quarter, passing Tencent and Google in total downloads.

How to turn an old laptop into a Chromebook

Interested in a Chromebook but keen to try before you buy? With ChromeReady, you can test out the OS on any old PC, or even install it permanently. Here's a complete guide on how to do so.

Google's Crisis Info Hub provides refugees with much needed data and information

Google's Crisis Info Hub leverages the search giant's technical prowess to provide migrants with crucial data including travel conditions, lodging options, danger warnings, and the all-important registration information.

Chrome 47 beta lands, adds splash screens to web apps

Google has released a new beta version of its Chrome browser, 47. It makes changes to both the desktop and smartphone version of the application, adding splash screens for web-app users ,and making notifications a little less permanent on…
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Watch Google’s new Project Wing drone deliver a package 0:13

Google X engineers are making good progress with their second attempt at creating a delivery drone. The new design, shown off in a video tweeted Monday, looks a lot lighter and less bulky than its predecessor, and still uses a…

Waze announces largest update since Google’s acquisition two years ago

Mobile mapping app Waze has announced its biggest update since Google acquired the company in 2013. Version 4.0 brings an entirely redesigned interface, one-tap navigation, and friends ETAs.

Google provides incentives for businesses to use Docs instead of Microsoft Word

To give you some incentive to make the switch, Google is offering to pay for your Google Apps for Business subscription -- at least until your Microsoft Office 365 contract runs out.

Job post suggests Google is working on a secret virtual reality project

Normally a company posting a job listing wouldn't make the news, but this time it's Google X, and the position to be filled is one that shows Google's hand concerning the firm's interest in virtual reality.

Google acquires panorama startup to give Street View a boost

Street View could be about to get a boost after Google acquired panorama startup Digisfera. The firm, whose projects have included huge zoomable images of Obama's inauguration and another captured during the 2014 World Cup, confirmed the…