Google unlocks dialer app for non-Nexus devices, then locks it tighter than ever

The Google dialer app is a shortcut to finding contacts and businesses quickly, so fans were glad when it was unlocked to a good number of Marshmallow devices beyond the Nexus line. They weren't as happy when it was taken away.

Enlist in the Android Army: A beginner’s guide to Android

While Apple may be notorious for garnering all the buzz, Google's Android platform is worth considering for anyone who wants a customizable feature set and universal integration. Our beginner's guide to Android will provide you with…

Philadelphia police used a ‘Google Maps’ SUV to read license plates

A police SUV was spotted in Philadelphia with Google Maps decals and two license plate surveillance cameras. The police said the decals are coming off, and they are starting an investigation into why they were on the vehicle in the first…
Virtual Reality

Get ready for Android VR: Google may unveil a stand-alone VR headset at I/O 2016

Google may be poised to unveil a stand-alone VR headset at its upcoming 2016 I/O developer conference. Sources suggest it will provide a superior experience to both the company's Cardboard phone accessory and Samsung's Gear VR.

Interested in a $20-an-hour job ‘driving’ a Google self-driving car?

Google is hiring driverless car drivers. The company is looking for "vehicle safety specialists" as part of its self-driving car testing. The $20 an hour job requires a clean driving record, no criminal record, a BA or BS, and 40 wpm…
Cool Tech

Look what Google’s doing to the outside of its massive data centers

Keen to highlight the work of its huge data centers, as well as to prettify the rather dull structures, Google recently hired the services of four mural painters to jazz up their outside walls. And the results are stunning.

Google open-sources Parsey McParseface, its tool for understanding English

Understanding language is a big part of how computers communicate with humans. Google understands this, and has open-sourced SyntaxNet, its sentence parser. The English language module for SyntaxNet? Parsey McParseface.
Virtual Reality

Google's planning a big expansion of its Project Tango mapping tech

Google's planning a big expansion of its Project Tango mapping tech, according to reports. It'll reportedly announce the details, including related devices and cloud services, at its 2016 I/O conference.
Android Army

Android's answer to 3D Touch may not debut with Android N after all

Google's working on its own version of Apple's 3D Touch, but it may debut later than initially anticipated. A recent report suggests the company may opt not to ship Android N with so-called force touch integration.

Yes, Gboard will eventually come to Android and will have multi-language support 1:11

Google wants you to search on Google more. The answer? Integrating Google search into an iOS keyboard, called Gboard. Glide Typing is supported, and don't worry, Android and multi-language support is on the way.

The FTC may once again go after Google for abusing search dominance

It looks like Google may be facing legal trouble stateside once again. A recent report suggests that the FTC may be looking to reopen an antitrust case into Google search, after having closed a similar case back in 2013.

You can finally get a decent phone with your cheap Republic Wireless plan

Republic Wireless became known for its innovative plans that offer refunds for unused data, but unfortunately its phones have been lacking. Not anymore! The company now has a decent selection of phones, as well as access to T-Mobile's…