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When it comes to Facebook’s product plans, originality is overrated

The failure of Facebook's Poke app has revealed the social giant's nature as a doppleganger. And it won't stop until nothing in the tech world is left.

Gowalla officially closes its doors three months after acquisition by Facebook

Ailing location-based application Gowalla has finally shuttered its doors, three months after Facebook's talent acquisition of Gowalla. This leaves Foursquare to prove that its pivot will keep its location-based services relevant for users…
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Groupon acquires Campfire Labs in preparation for 2012 projects

Groupon adds Campfire Labs to its stable in order to prepare for new projects in 2012.

Forrester: Only 5 pct of adults use geo-social apps

Market research firm Forrester finds that only five percent of mobile users actively use location-aware services like FourSquare once a month.

Hey Gowalla users, this is what the Facebook deal means for you

Gowalla has confirmed it's been bought by Facebook. Now what?
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Facebook acquires Gowalla to help with Timeline

While Facebook continues to dominate other U.S. based social networks in terms of total users, the social network is stepping up competition with location-based social network Foursquare due to a recent acquisition.
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These apps are doing location differently

Foursquare was just the beginning. Check out some of the new trends emerging within the geo-social landscape.

Location check-ins still unpopular among smartphone owners

While getting directions on a smartphone is increasing in popularity, sharing personal location isn't quite as important. A new study shows that smartphone owners aren't interested in letting the world know where they are located at all…
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South By Southwest stats highlight social networking, device usage

Web analytics firms break down the social networking statistics at South By Southwest, with Apple's iOS products, mobile check-in app foursquare and group messaging service GroupMe coming out on top in their respective categories.

Foursquare grew over 3,000 percent in 2010

Apparently no amount of over-saturation could keep Foursquare down, as the geo-social site announces its massive growth.

Gowalla 3.0 iPhone app integrates Facebook, Foursquare for unified user experience

The updated Gowalla app brings location-based services into one places, letting users enjoy features of its competitors in addition to its own.

Groupon announces expansion and scoops up Ludic Labs

While the Google-Groupon deal is still up in the air, the daily deals titan has made a few acquisitions itself, and is introducing its a more fully-featured format.