Green Tech

Honda’s Sport Hybrid system milks more MPG without punishing performance

Honda rediscovers its engineering wizardry with three new remarkable drivetrain technologies.


Japan’s poo-powered Toilet Bike Neo makes a big stink outside Tokyo

Japanese toilet-maker Toto has sparked a green revolution of a different hue with its poo-powered Toilet Bike Neo.


According to Apple’s bottom line, no EPEAT certification, no problem!

There's been some shock Apple products' loss of EPEAT - but in reality, Apple's decision to throw caution to the wind and manufacture the way it wants makes complete sense.


Pulpop MP3 speaker looks like a Dyson fan meets toilet paper roll

Made from recycled paper, the Pulpop MP3 speaker is a biodegradable system that delivers quality sound from its odd doughnut design.

Cool Tech

Google launches ‘Story of Send’ to illustrate how your e-mails get delivered

How does Gmail work? Learn more about how Google handles e-mails by checking out The Story of Send and the work poured into those few seconds after you hit Send.


UK’s Cottage Lodge hotel room features a pedal-to-power LCD television

A night in the Standing Hat room of the United Kingdom's Cottage Lodge will let you make use of the bicycle-powered LCD TV in its most environmentally-friendly accommodation.

Cool Tech

Opinion: Not ready for an electric car? Get an electric scooter

Until charging stations dot the country, electric scooters make more sense than electric cars. Here’s why – and a look at what might be one of the most unique and practical models yet.


Pedal-to-power work stations bring a little exercise to your day

Get a workout at work by taking a spin on the WeBike work station, a energy generating pod that lets users pedal their way to power.

Cool Tech

The GTech AirRam vacuum cleaner compresses dirt into cubes, Wall-E style

The GTech AirRam offers cordless, low-energy cleaning while preventing dust leakage when you throw out the dirt.


ATTN stylish booze-loving men: These jeans are made from recycled beer bottles

Be fashion forward while environmentally friendly by owning a pair of jeans that are made from recycled beer bottles. Yep, it's possible!

Cool Tech

Meet Strand East, an IKEA-designed town

Love IKEA so much that you'd live in a town designed by the company? You might want to a book a ticket to London some time before next year.

Cool Tech

Your bowel movements can save the planet

An Israeli green technology company has found a method of recycling human waste into paper.

Cool Tech

SodaStream the drink carbonator gets a fresh makeover

SodaStream is reinventing its look by unveiling a sleek new form at the MOST exhibit in Milan later this month.

Cool Tech

3D solar panels can produce 20 times more energy than flat panels

MIT researchers are reinventing the shape of solar panels to help harvest more energy.

Cool Tech

Consumer Reports’ $100K Fisker Karma breaks down during preliminary testing

Consumer Report's Fisker Karma was dead on arrival as it suffered a breakdown of epic proportions during the publications calibration testing.