Green Tech

The GTech AirRam vacuum cleaner compresses dirt into cubes, Wall-E style

The GTech AirRam offers cordless, low-energy cleaning while preventing dust leakage when you throw out the dirt.
Cool Tech

ATTN stylish booze-loving men: These jeans are made from recycled beer bottles

Be fashion forward while environmentally friendly by owning a pair of jeans that are made from recycled beer bottles. Yep, it's possible!
Cool Tech

Meet Strand East, an IKEA-designed town

Love IKEA so much that you'd live in a town designed by the company? You might want to a book a ticket to London some time before next year.
Cool Tech

Your bowel movements can save the planet

An Israeli green technology company has found a method of recycling human waste into paper.
Cool Tech

SodaStream the drink carbonator gets a fresh makeover

SodaStream is reinventing its look by unveiling a sleek new form at the MOST exhibit in Milan later this month.
Cool Tech

3D solar panels can produce 20 times more energy than flat panels

MIT researchers are reinventing the shape of solar panels to help harvest more energy.

Consumer Reports’ $100K Fisker Karma breaks down during preliminary testing

Consumer Report's Fisker Karma was dead on arrival as it suffered a breakdown of epic proportions during the publications calibration testing.

Valmet Dawn travels back from the future for its Geneva debut

Finnish company Valmet Autmotive -- makers of the Fisker Karma -- have seemingly sent back in time its innovative Dawn concept to take its bow at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show.

Read-e or not: Infiniti’s Emerg-E makes its long awaited debut in Geneva

After months of build-up, Infiniti's Emerg-E concept makes its debut at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show.
Cool Tech

According to this design concept, breathing can charge your gadgets

If you can charge your devices with just a few breaths as you sleep or exercise, would it sound too good to be true? AIRE Mask concept doesn't think so.
Cool Tech

‘Power Felt’ electricity-generating fabric could one day power iPhone with body heat

Researchers from the Center for Nanotechnology and Molecular Materials at Wake Forest University have developed a cost-efficient fabric that can capture body heat and convert it into electricity. It may one day power your iPhone or laptop.

Newt Gingrich shocks with Chevy Volt comments, says President wants higher gas prices

It’s a war on gas prices, General Motors, and President Obama from the former Speaker of the House and Presidential candidate, Newt Gingrich.