Green Tech

Little Green Tree relieves shipping guilt with carbon offsets

Little Green Tree offers online shoppers a chance to green up their acts with carbon offsets directly tied to the emissions generated by zipping purchases across the globe.

Bottlehood recycles old bottles to make everyday tumblers

Etsy seller Bottlehood brings recycled life back to old vodka and beer bottles for your everyday home use
Cool Tech

Solio Solar Charger uses clean energy to charge your phone, iPod

This compact solar charger by Solio offers enough power to charge your phone or iPod with solar power alone.
Cool Tech

PowerTrekk charges your devices on the go with hydrogen technology

The PowerTrekk uses eco-friendly technology to convert hydrogen into electricity to charge your devices when you're off the grid.
Cool Tech

Nau iPad Stash combines eco-friendly material and modern design

Nau uses eco-friendly, recycled materials for the functional iPad Stash case.
Cool Tech

Presso makes pulling a shot of espresso easier, greener

Presso's manual espresso machine lets you lose that giant electric beast and opt for a simpler, volt-free way to make coffee in the morning.
Cool Tech

This future home resembles a giant Slinky, could house 10,000 and float on water

Named "The Ark," this dome of a home is fully green, designed to hold 10,000 people, and can float on water.

Chevy Volt Review

Review: The Chevy Volt may not deliver complete gas independence, but GM’s first electric car makes a wise, eco-friendly choice for some commuters now, and will only get more practical as charging options increase.

Chevy Volt Test Drive

We unplug the Chevy Volt, one of the first mainstream all-electric cars in America, and get rolling toward a future without gasoline.

Nissan Leaf Review

Review: Nissan’s Leaf is the first electric car with the capability to truly liberate the average commuter from gas addiction, more than making up for its lack of frills, as we found in our hands-on review.

Western Digital launches world’s largest SATA drive with 3TB Caviar Green

Western Digital worked around operating system size limits to produce the world’s largest SATA drives, at 2.5TB and 3TB.