Green Tech

Chevy Volt Test Drive

We unplug the Chevy Volt, one of the first mainstream all-electric cars in America, and get rolling toward a future without gasoline.

Nissan Leaf Review

Review: Nissan’s Leaf is the first electric car with the capability to truly liberate the average commuter from gas addiction, more than making up for its lack of frills, as we found in our hands-on review.

Western Digital launches world’s largest SATA drive with 3TB Caviar Green

Western Digital worked around operating system size limits to produce the world’s largest SATA drives, at 2.5TB and 3TB.

Prius to Sell Speakers to Simulate Engine Noise

The Toyota Prius will offer a new option on August 30 that will alert pedestrians when it is running quietly.
Cool Tech

Electric Bikes 101 at Kalkhoff eBikes

Todd Peres details the workings of electric bicycles, which help commuters get around town on two wheels without breaking a sweat.

Give the Cloud Some Credit, Greenpeace

Greenpeace’s invective new report on the pollution potential of cloud computing misses its overwhelmingly capacity for green.

KTM Electric Dirtbikes Sling Mud with Watts

The Austrian company's first electric bikes spar watt-for-watt with rivals from Zero Motorcycles, and even KTM's existing gasoline models.

AT&T Zero Charger Jams Wooden Stake into Vampire Power Usage

By completely eliminating vampire power draw when plugged in and unused, AT&T's Zero charger uses less electricity and has the potential to reduce electricity bills - if ever so slightly.
Cool Tech

Silicon Diamonds in the Rough: Unheralded Tech Advances for 2010

From deodorizing light bulbs to window shades that power your home, we recognize the most overlooked, disregarded and underrated tech innovations of 2010.