This home-friendly biodigester lets you turn food scraps into usable cooking gas 2:33

Use HomeBiogas to convert kitchen waste into usable cooking gas and liquid fertilizer. It's the ultimate in self-sustained sustainability, making it easier than ever for families in even the most urban of environments to go green.

This little machine can clean your clothes with 10 liters of water and no power

Looking to reduce your carbon footprint but don't want to give up your clean clothes? The Drumi, from Yirego, is a foot-powered washing machine that requires no electricity and only 10 liters of water per wash.
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United Airlines ready to make first regular poop-powered passenger flight

Looking to reduce its carbon emissions, United Airlines is gearing up to fly some of its planes on poop. Partnering with a Californian biofuels company, United will start its service between LA and San Francisco this summer.

Google is saving the environment, one renovated coal plant at a time

In the ultimate victory for environmental activists, Google is planning to spend $600 million on a server farm that will span 350 acres of land near Chattanooga, Alabama and will ultimately be 100 percent powered by green energy.
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Kyocera unveils world’s largest floating solar panel system

apanese electronics maker Kyocera Corporation unveiled the world's largest floating solar power station, which boasts 9,000 solar panels that are fully waterproof and sit comfortably atop the water's surface.

Ecocapsule is a wind- and solar-powered home for anywhere

Taking the nomadic life to a whole new level, the Bratislava-based Nice Architects have developed the solar- and wind-powered Ecocapsule, a mobile home that lets you live just about anywhere in the world.

Apple goes greener in China, announces new environmental initiatives

Apple has announced a China-based partnership with the World Wildlife Fund that it says will serve to reduce the country's ecological footprint through improved management of working forests, many of which provide the materials for Apple's…

Don’t kick it to the curb: 11 things to do with your Christmas tree

Once you've taken all the decorations off, there's not much use for a Christmas tree, right? Wrong! There are plenty of ways to reduce, reuse, and recycle with your pine, spruce, or fir.
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Poop-powered bus hits British roads

The U.K.'s first poop-powered bus went into service on Thursday as part of an effort to reduce air pollution (they remove the smelly impurities). The vehicle, which is powered by biomethane gas from human and food waste, can travel 184…

Sorry Kermit, Nokia’s Android tease shows it’s really easy being green

Nokia has painted its social networking channels green, very green. Although it hasn't given a reason why, it could be a hint about the Nokia X, its first Android-powered smartphone.

Powering Apple: Tech giant to build solar farm for new data center in Reno, Nevada

Aiming to one day power all of its facilities with renewable energy, Apple this week announced plans to build a 137-acre solar farm next to its new data center located in Reno, Nevada.