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Changers Solar Charger kit offers rewards to sun-capturing members

This brand new project offers users a solar power module, a portable solar battery for charging electronics, and a rewards program for converting energy.
Cool Tech

Japanese toilet maker Toto unveils motorcycle powered by poop

To highlight a green initiative being undertaken by Japanese toilet maker Toto, the company has unveiled a motorcycle powered by human waste. Could this be a vision of the future? No, probably not.
Cool Tech

Google uses a heap of power, says it’s green

Despite its size, the company is more efficient and cleaner than ever.

iBamboo speaker amplifies iPhone 4 sound with eco-friendly bamboo dock

This eco-friendly speaker uses a natural cut of bamboo to amplify the sound from your iPhone 4's speakers with no electricity at all.

Data centers are using far less energy than the EPA expected

A study from Stanford University shows that facilities are using less electricity than expected, though are still using a significant amount.

2011 Chevy Cruze Eco Review

The 2011 Chevy Cruze Eco will charm frugal fuel sippers with impressive highway fuel economy and a price thousands of dollars less than the cheapest hybrid.

Spring cleaning for your computer and gadgets

Give yourself a fresh digital slate this year with our spring cleaning tips for your computer and gadgets.

Earth Day meets iPad with these eco-friendly cases

Add a little earth-friendly style to your iPad or iPad 2 with some of our favorite sustainably-made cases and sleeves.

Little Green Tree relieves shipping guilt with carbon offsets

Little Green Tree offers online shoppers a chance to green up their acts with carbon offsets directly tied to the emissions generated by zipping purchases across the globe.
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NASA unveils weird airplane concepts for 2025

NASA has released renderings of three concept aircraft that could hit the skies in 2025. The goal is to build a plane that is greener and quieter, but still has decent speed, range, and storage capacity.
Cool Tech

New map outlines massive reforestation plan that could restore forests the size of Russia

A collection of scientists is claiming that 1.5 billion hectares of land—or roughly the size of Russia—could be reforested with a combined effort.