Hard drives: Seagate goes green, Hitachi HDDs hit 3 TB

Seagate's new Barracuda 3.5-inch hard drives reach new levels of eco-friendliness, while Hitachi's Deskstar HDDs reach 3TB...and it's all accessible even to Windows XP.


Chevy Volt Test Drive

We unplug the Chevy Volt, one of the first mainstream all-electric cars in America, and get rolling toward a future without gasoline.


CEDIA 2010 Wrap up: New trends in home theater

Green home automation, 3D projectors and iPad remote apps all took center stage at this year’s annual CEDIA custom electronics trade show.


Electric Bikes 101 at Kalkhoff eBikes

Todd Peres details the workings of electric bicycles, which help commuters get around town on two wheels without breaking a sweat.

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Lenovo L Series ThinkPads Could be Greenest Laptops in the World

Just in time for Earth Day, Lenovo has announced a new series of ThinkPad laptops. Made with a percentage of recycled material, the L Series will be the greenest laptops on the market.


Give the Cloud Some Credit, Greenpeace

Greenpeace’s invective new report on the pollution potential of cloud computing misses its overwhelmingly capacity for green.


Silicon Diamonds in the Rough: Unheralded Tech Advances for 2010

From deodorizing light bulbs to window shades that power your home, we recognize the most overlooked, disregarded and underrated tech innovations of 2010.

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New Green Gadgets and Devices for 2010

Clean up your act with these convenient and inexpensive Earth-friendly gadgets arriving in 2010.

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In the Year 2020, Part III: Transportation, Urban Planning, and Energy

Will personal urban vehicles, high-speed rail and hydrogen fuel cells kill the gasoline car and redefine the cities within our lifetime?


Toshiba’s Dynario Fuel Cell Charger Lights up Gadgets With Methanol

The Dynario charger uses a dose of simple wood alcohol to generate portable electricity for charging cell phones, MP3 players and other gadgets.

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