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Groupon’s ‘Crash the Site’ sale has some crazy high-dollar gadget discounts

Want cool tech but don't want to pay retail prices? Groupon is having a sale right now, with massive discounts on laptops, headphones, and other devices. We've highlighted a few of the best deals for your convenience.

iPads are taking over for cash registers, and Groupon is helping

Groupon Gnome wants to take the cash register to the next level. Gnome can turn any iPad into a checkout and makes it easier to use coupons from Groupon on the go. Unlike Square Register, Gnome can recognize Groupon vouchers using…
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Obviously, we need to talk about ousted Groupon CEO Andrew Mason’s new album

The artist formally known as Andrew Mason, former Groupon CEO, has released a music album that defies definition ... and breeds confusion. We attempt to dissect Mason's intentions.

Ex-Groupon boss to release album of ‘motivational business music’ before launching new company

Former Groupon CEO Andrew Mason said this week that since being fired from the daily deals company, he's been busy recording an album of 'motivational business music' designed to teach some basic business skills to those newly entering the…
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Groupon says goodbye and cuts ties with CEO Andrew Mason

You can file this one under 'long time coming.' A day after the reveal of Groupon's exceptionally bad financial performance last quarter, CEO Andrew Mason steps down and relinquishes command to two execs.

Groupon halts all firearm-related daily deals

Impacting small U.S. businesses that offer services like shooting ranges or license courses, Groupon will no longer offer any deals related to firearms.
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CHNL partners with Groupon, LivingSocial to curate more than the social Web

CHNL partnered with LivingSocial and Groupon to curate not only social media posts, but now also daily deals.

Groupon’s turning its Breadcrumb acquisition into an iPad point-of-sale system

Groupon unveiled its latest play in assert the company as a commerce platform with the iPad-based point-of-sale system for merchants.
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Groupon launches Groupon Payments, and that’s just the tip of the platform’s payment plan iceberg

Groupon has debut its payment system for merchants, but Digital Trends has learned that Groupon Payment doubles as an incentive for merchants to sign up with Groupon's Merchant program.

Waffle restaurant owner rips into Groupon for “bloodthirsty business practices”

Claiming that a coupon promotion is entirely responsible for the closure of his small business, a former restaurant owner is sparing no insult when it comes to Groupon.

CBS orders idiotic-sounding Groupon sitcom called ‘Friend Me’

Groupon takes center stage in a newly ordered sitcom from CBS, inexplicably titled "Friend Me," which stars Christopher "McLovin" Mintz-Plasse.
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Groupon reports first quarterly profit

Groupon announced a significant milestone today, reporting its first quarterly profit ever. More impressively, the profit was above what analysts had expected, sending stock in the company up 18 percent by end of trading.