Halo 4

Halo 1-4 remasters rumored for Xbox One

Rumors are circulating that Microsoft will also use E3 to announce Halo: The Master Chief Collection, a compilation of HD remakes of the four previous numbered Halo games.

There’s a good reason Halo wasn’t an Xbox One launch title

Microsoft Studios executive Phil Spencer explains why a full-fledged Halo game is absent from the Xbox One's launch lineup and gives a sense of what's to come for the first year of the new console's life.

Halo 4 multiplayer update boosts weapon damage, movement speed

The latest multiplayer update for 'Halo 4' boosts the damage output of many weapons and bumps up player movement speed by 10-percent. In related news, a Raptr case study suggests that interest in the latest 'Halo' is waning faster than it…

Halo 4’s Frank O’Connor and Kiki Wolfkill discuss playing it safe and forging ahead

We sat down with 343 Industries' Frank O'Connor and Kiki Wolfkill to discuss Halo 4's development and the careful balance they struck between playing it safe and taking risks.

Halo 2 says goodbye in February (but not for good)

Yesterday's record-breaker is today's ignored multiplayer game. After more than eight years, Halo 2 is finally going offline, as players on PC dwindle to a trickle. But you can't keep a good game down.

Halo 4 is not $5 on iOS, despite two App Store listings to the contrary

A portable version of Halo 4 that you can play on your iPhone seems to good to be true, and if you attempt to download the game via the iOS App Store, you'll quickly learn that this is, in fact, the case.

Best Xbox 360 games of 2012

Check out our picks for the best Xbox 360 games of 2012.

Microsoft apologizes to Halo 4 players with free DLC then bans them

Let it never be said that the distribution of downloadable content can't cause wacky hijinks. The botched release of the Crimson Map Pack DLC for Halo 4 led Microsoft to give away paid content for free and then to accidentally ban players…

Day of Cease Fire planned for Dec. 21 to support Sandy Hook families

Gamer Fit Nation's CEO is organizing an event for Friday asking gamers to not play online shooters for 24 hours to show support for those affected by the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting.

343 Industries releases Halo 4 DLC for free, claims it’s a promo [UPDATE]

For a short period two days ago, prospective buyers of Halo 4's new Crimson Map Pack were able to snag the entire DLC offering for free. Now, after the fact, Microsoft and 343 Industries claim that this was part of the plan all along.

The best game trailer of the VGAs

This weekend Spike TV held their 10th annual Video Game Awards. Along with the awards, the show has become a destination for trailers. Below are the best of the best.

Over 1 million people completed Halo 4 campaign in first five days

Microsoft offers up long list of impressive player stats for Halo 4's debut.