Halo’s local split-screen multiplayer is returning for good this time

Split-screen multiplayer has become a rarity with the rise of the internet. During a speech at the annual DICE Summit, Microsoft confirmed the Halo series will be bringing back split-screen modes to future titles.

‘Halo Wars 2’ launch trailer shows off the series’ most terrifying enemy yet

Halo Wars 2's launch trailer shows off Atriox, a terrifying Brute who can take on multiple Spartans without breaking a sweat. His faction, "The Banished," serves as the main opposing force in the strategy game.

343 Industries details ‘Halo Wars 2’ multiplayer mode to kick off open beta

Friday marks the start of the Halo Wars 2 open beta. Players can test out the game's card-based multiplayer mode Blitz, which challenges commanders to build a deck that can control the battlefield.

343 Industries head discusses canceled Halo Mega Bloks game

A reportedly canceled Halo Mega Bloks video game has surfaced online, and it looks absolutely fantastic. The game was apparently in development at the now-defunct n-Space studio, and was planned for an Xbox 360 release.

The best of the last-gen: Our 15 favorite Xbox 360 games

There's nearly 1,000 Xbox 360 games currently on the market, but unfortunately, they're not all winners. Check out our favorite titles, from surreal puzzles games like 'Braid' to the latest installment in the ever-so-popular Grand Theft…

The best Xbox One compatible Xbox 360 games

There are currently more than 230 Xbox 360 games that work on the Xbox One. However, these are the ones you should think about dusting off and going back to when your next-gen titles start to become tedious and the nostalgia kicks in.

Forza Horizon 3 will require some serious horsepower, but comes with a special guest

Forza Horizon 3 will hit store shelves at the end of September, but publisher Microsoft Studios revealed the recommended specs for the PC version today. But let's talk about the Warthog in the room.

Gaming is going digital, but players are collecting more memorabilia than ever

For almost all of video games’ existence, there has been video game memorabilia. These pieces of plastic, polyester, and rubber fill up our shelves and let us proudly show our fandom, and for one man, they even earned a world record.

'Halo 5's player count is the highest in the series since 'Halo 3'

Halo 5: Guardians released last October, but its player count continues to increase, according to 343 Industries. It has kept more people playing than both Halo: Reach and Halo 4, the latter of which saw a steep drop in users shortly after…

The Halo Legendary Crate offers exclusive collectibles for superfans

Loot Crate and Microsoft have partnered to create the Halo Legendary Crate, which will offer exclusive figures and other Halo-themed merchandise. Halo was previously featured in December's "Galaxy" Loot Crate.

Mattel will soon be your one stop shop for all Halo toys

Mattel and Microsoft have signed a "master licensing agreement" for Halo toys. A new line of figurines and other toys, including energy sword and assault rifle replicas, will be launching this fall.

ESPN now considers Halo an extreme sport, adds it to the X Games in Aspen

Halo will be the latest video game to get coverage on ESPN, as eight of the top teams will be featured at the X Games in Aspen. This comes shortly after ESPN launched an eSports-centric section of its website.