Steam may offer an unexpected new home for the first three Halo games

Though Halo games have never before appeared on any platform not strictly controlled by franchise publisher Microsoft, that streak may soon come to an end with the addition of the first three Halo titles to Valve's ubiquitous digital…

MyMusic, Halo 4 top nominations for the 2013 Streamy Awards

A spin-off from Halo 4 and a YouTube series about the music industry are amongst the web-only shows celebrated in the nominations for the 3rd Streamy Awards.

Halo’s iconic Warthog could be yours for only $28,000

In the market for a new car? For $28,000 you could pick up a new Honda Accord. If you'd prefer something a bit more rugged though, might we suggest investing in Halo's iconic troop transport, the Warthog.

Leaked story and art details for Destiny describe Bungie’s post-Halo universe

Bungie has a reputation for being one of the most secretive game development studios but details about its first game since Halo: Reach have leaked to the web for a second time this year. Here are the first story details about Bungie's MMO…

Halo 4 makes more than $200 million in first 24 hours

How successful was Microsoft's Halo 4 upon release last week? Just count the number of records it's already broken.

Spartan Ops Episode 2 hits Halo 4 on Monday

Ready for more Halo 4? 343 Industries has announced that the second episode of the game's Spartan Ops mode will debut on Monday, November 12.

Microsoft soothes masses as Halo 4 servers buckle under stress

Halo 4 debuted this morning, and as one might expect this has led to an overwhelming surge of players annihilating the game's online servers. As one might also expect, gamers are furious.

Halo 4’s Competitive Skill Rank system arrives ‘early next year’

When Halo 4 officially launches tomorrow, it will not include the Competitive Skill Rank system. Don't know what that is? 343 Industries offers a substantial explanation.

Halo 4 review: The definition of playing it safe

The Halo brand returns under new management. But fear not, loyal enthusiast, the new caretakers, 343 Industries, know a thing or two about what makes Halo tick. The result is Halo 4, a game that is very much a Halo game, but stops short…

Microsoft unveils Halo 4 DLC and War Games Map Pass

Halo 4 will of course see numerous downloadable additions after its release, and we've now got word of the first three.

New Microsoft rules forbid profiting from video game footage

Microsoft is tired of people earning money on YouTube clips of its games, so the company has decided to change the rules a bit.

Bungie enlists Red Dead Redemption designer for its first post-Halo game

Now that it's no longer churning out Halo sequels, Bungie has picked up designer Danny Bulla to assist with its mysterious next game.