Brad Pitt to Star in Red Dead Redemption Movie?

Brad Pitt is reportedly the frontrunner to play the protagonist John Marston, in a big-screen adaptation of the Old West video game, Red Dead Redemption.


E3 2010: Halo: Reach Firefight Trailer

Check out the Halo: Reach Firefight trailer coming straight from E3.


Halo: Reach, First Impressions

We play the Halo: Reach beta so you don’t have to.


Halo: Reach Live Action Short Hits the Web

Microsoft's “Birth of a Spartan” video short depicts the story of Spartan soldier Carter-259.


The Original Xbox Live Ends its Run Tonight

Tonight is the last chance for original Xbox gamers to head online and play their favorite Xbox Live v1 Games.


Jabra Polishes Its Halo

Jabra's Halo Bluetooth wireless headset can hand calls and music - and looks like a regular set of headphones, rather than a robotic cricket living in your year.


Spielberg Eying Halo Movie?

Now that the high-profile Halo movie deal with Peter Jackson has fallen through, reports have Steven Spielberg looking at taking on Master Chief.


An Inside Look at Halo: ODST

We drop into the Covenant-controlled city of New Mombassa alongside a rookie shock trooper in a behind-the-scenes demo.


Halo: Reach Coming Fall 2010

During a demo of Halo: ODST, some answers were given about the forthcoming Halo: Reach game.


Rumors of Next Halo Game

Unconfirmed rumors are circulating of the next generation of the wildly popular Halo game — and it won't feature Master Chief at all.


Halo 3 Tops $300 Mln in First-Week Sales

Sales of Microsoft's Halo 3 video game exceeded $300 million in its first week of availability.


Gamers Gear Up for The Halo Effect

The third and (supposedly) final installment of Microsoft's Halo video game franchise goes on sale at midnight. Will you be first in line to save the universe?


Halo 3 Goes Gold

Microsoft has sent Halo 3 for the Xbox 360 off to manufacturing, so it can get the much-anticipated game into as many players' hands as possible on September 25.


Halo 3 Hits 1 Million Preorders

Retailers say anticipation for the new game may make it the strongest-selling preorder ever, and a wave of other businesses are also attempting to cash in.