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Surprise! B&O Play’s stylish new Bluetooth headphones cost less than you’d expect

B&O Play, a division of Bang & Olufsen, has announced the H4 over-ear Bluetooth headphones. They offer all the style and musical ability of their expensive brethren, but will cost you at least $100 less.

Outdoor Tech announces two new wireless headphones built to survive the elements

Outdoor Tech specializes in Bluetooth audio accessories that can withstand the elements of the outside world. The company announced two new Bluetooth headphones to complement its existing lineup.
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Slip into a sonic oasis and go wireless with these noise-canceling cans 4:46

Drowning out the outside world and ditching cumbersome cables isn't as hard as it used to be. Here are our favorite wireless noise-canceling headphones, whether you prefer style, comfort, or sound.
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Too good to be true? Sola’s solar-powered Bluetooth earphones are just $30

We really wanted to like Sola's solar-powered headphones, but the cool factor couldn't make up for its poor sound quality.
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You don't need no stinkin' headphone jack with these outstanding wireless earbuds

As the headphone port fades into obsolescence, wireless earbuds are becoming the norm. Check out our list of the best cord-free 'buds on the market, and find out which pair are the best fit for you.
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Urbanears’ Plattan 2 upgrades the sound and comfort of their classic headphones 2:14

The popular Urbanears Plattan headphones finally find a successor. While their looks haven't changed much, upgrades to sound, design, and comfort make the experience with these completely different.
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Sure it shows volume, but the meter in these headphones is mostly just awesome

Sick of headphones all looking pretty much the same? The Meters by Ashdown OV-1 headphones have an active VU meter in each cup, making them look unlike any other pair available. Oh, and they sound fantastic.
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Beyerdynamic’s handmade Xelento in-ears will make you forget about wireless

This year's CES had no shortage of wireless headphones, but it was trusty old sonic engineering from the veteran headphone gurus at Beyerdynamic that really got our hearts pumping with the new Xelento remote in-ear wired headphones.

Who are you talking to through OV’s new Bluetooth earphones? Alexa, of course

Next year, you'll be given the opportunity to take a step further into a cyborg future in which the "person" on the receiving end of your OnVocal earphones isn't a person at all, but rather a smart home assistant -- namely, Alexa.
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With its latest reference headphones, Denon aims for great sound — and looks

While much of Denon's focus as of late has been on its HEOS wireless multiroom products, the company has now unveiled its latest reference headphones, the AH-D7200, which match a light-weight frame with a classy wooden exterior.
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Urbanears delivers a sequel to some of its most popular cans in the Plattan 2

The Urbanears Plattan were one of the company's most popular headphones, selling more than 3 million units since their launch in 2009, and now they've finally gotten a sequel in the Plattan 2, available now.

Forget covering up cameras, now your headphones can be used to spy on you

Forget simply covering up your laptop's camera, you might want to unplug your headphones when not in use, too. Researchers revealed a simple hack that turns any headphones into a microphone.