These bone conduction headphones steer clear of your ear

BATBAND, a new Kickstarter-funded project from StudioBananaThings, are a futuristic, bone conduction headphone that lie on your temples. They're not revolutionary, but they're certainly sleek and innovative.
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Monoprice’s newest headphones put the bang-for-your-buck proposition to the test

Monoprice is generally known for low-cost products that are actually worth buying, including a number of surprisingly good speakers and headphones. Now the company is bolstering its headphone lineup with three new additions.

Motorola unveils the Moto Pulse and Moto Surround

Motorola has unveiled new audio accessories in the Moto Pulse, a foldable pair of headphones; and the Moto Surround, fitness-focused earbuds. Both are available from Motorola's website.
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Beats By Dre headphones teardown finds metal parts included just to add weight

Maybe the most striking part of a recent Beats By Dre headphones teardown was the discovery that about a third of the overall weight of the product comes from four metal parts included “for the sole purpose of adding weight.”
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Waterproof wireless fitness-tracking headphones are all you need to workout

Gogo-S is the totally wireless sport music player that hits all the right notes. It's more than just a pair of tough-as nails wireless earbuds -- it's a portable MP3 player and smart activity tracker in one.
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High school students made this BT headphone adapter, but is it too simple to sell?

This crowdfunded Bluetooth headphone adapter is the brain-child of a group of brilliant high-school entrepreneurs, but will its oversimplified functionality be its undoing?
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Kokoon EEG headphones can detect when you’re in deep sleep, trigger lucid dreams

Recently launched on Kickstarter, Kokoon is a set of app-enabled EEG headphones that can perform a wide variety of different functions -- including the potential to induce lucid dreams.